Fashion HELP! Looking for a Pink outfit!

Okay so I was watching a friend of mine play through Metal Combat on SNES and when I saw Rola I though "Man she looks neat! I wish there was a game were I could play as a green skinned space babe with pointy elf ears in a pink body suit"...and then I remembered you could make Numans with CAST skin colors! So I finally went ahead and did it! Just ONE little problem...

alt text

I have NO CLUE where to get an outfit like that! Especially one that's THAT pink!

Now mind you I'm not looking to EXACTLY recreate Rola, but I'd love an outfit similar to that. ESPECIALLY in terms of color. Anyone know of any outfits like that?

The color is definitely tricky because no outfits or basewear matching the shape come in a bright pink, closest is Sakura pink or Grace purple.

You could, however, keep an eye on Mission Pass outfits because you can dye them any color you want.

So color aside, Varza Ratio (ba) could work but it only comes in white or black colors.

You could pretty much make the outfit exact if you were a CAST using body parts because you could dye the exact color, too. You would just be missing the ears and need to find a pointy ear accessory of some kind, I don’t believe an actual elf ear accessory exists.

Finally, in NGS from my understanding we’ll be able to add on all race features in the character creator so you could probably at least have exactly what you want in NGS by making a character there.