PLEASE re-translate Ticket Useage message...or am I doing something wrong?

Okay so I've been playing PSO2 for a bit now and finally decided to make a second character only to notice that I don't appear to have any of my Ticket items. You know, like accessories or hairstyles. Why would I think I would have access to these? Well...


Read that text.

"Once you use this Ticket, you will be able to select with all characters"

That sounds to me like once you use a Ticket, that item is account bound as useable across all characters on that account. Yes it follows that up by saying "by using the same ticket with the same character or another character" but...what does THAT mean?! Why would you use the same ticket twice on the same character? Or is that the secret? You need two copies of the item for it to be account bound? Because that's confusing as all heck!

Please either word this more clearly or tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can gain access to the Ticket items I have on my other character.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this. Not sure where you put "dangerously poorly worded translations".

You have to redeem 2 of the same ticket item to make it account bound.

Yes, they do need to re-translate it to make it more clear that you need to use 2 of the item to account bind it. That was intended to be one sentence. This game is horrible with line break errors and other translation errors, though they have fixed a lot since launch, but not all. Also, punctuation it often times dropped down to the next line on it's own rather than remaining paired with the word.

I saw this recently, Hans is completely missing his Client Order completion dialogue for this one: pso20210125_061958_064.jpg