So there was a recent update that a few days ago that I was was just trying to get downloaded a few hours ago. Upon having the download finished and logging into my ship, I was welcomed with a message stating that there was no response to the servers "please close application and try later" type ordeal. I just assumed my internet or something failed me at the time. So I closed the game tried later after checking a few things and once again the same message popped up. After this I was unsure what was going on since it was a few days after mait, and was confused. The next thing I did was closed the application and opened it onto steam to see if I had any luck with the client then me running it on tweaker. Once I got into my select ship menu a new message popped up, stating my account is in suspension No. 816 and that I needed to contact support. I did as it asked but was never able to get a hold onto contacting the support team due to getting logged out my xbox sign in when I click onto contact us tab. My last option I went to take it to the help sega team with there response is to have the pso2 support look into it since it was an account issue matter. Atm im in loop on what to do figure out how my account got the suspension, im guessing from me logging into another platform but to my mind that wouldnt make any sense. If anyone can give me insite or somewhat I can get a hold of the contact page it will be greatly appreciated. Ive been playing since the pc release and its a first of me hearing anything about this, first time on forums so sorry in advance.

If you can't get to the contact support system by using a different browser to login on, clearing cache, etc. then you won't really be able to get it resolved. There's an issue with their support system locking you out of logging in if you attempt to login with Steam when you first logged into it with Xbox (or vice versa.)

@coldreactive oh thank you so much ill give that a try ❤

After several days of trying alot of different browsers I have yet to get lucky on having the submit a ticket page pop up. Im not sure what to do at this point and really want to play the game again. But im gonna take it with a grain of salt and say my account is gone forever for now. Thank you again cold for giving me some help with this issue. ❤