We are a chill alliance that likes to joke, banter, and not take things too seriously. Some of us do still like to discuss intricacies of the game and play a bit more hardcore, but are still ultimately here to have fun. We reside on block 27 as an allegiance alongside -Ragnarok-, Benevolence, and -Cosmos-. Our most active hours are roughly 6-11PM EST, but we do have players around at most hours.

What we offer:

  • Maxed alliance tree
  • Knowledgeable and helpful players
  • Daily parties for most content
  • Weekly scheduled content for things like busters and challenge mode
  • Sometimes scheduled and sometimes random triggers

Expectations from you:

  • Willingness to learn and eventually join in late-game content if you aren't caught up
  • Discord

Not much is required, just be open to advice. If you're not geared in at least the free stuff we've been getting for example, I'll be wanting to push you to get those so you can join in on the content the majority of us want to farm! Other than that just play at your own pace and do your best. Discord makes it much easier for the organized/scheduled content, as well as providing resources to help everybody. We also have quite a few on-and-off players that are still around in the Discord and can help others even while they aren't active in-game.

Anyone who meets our small requirements is welcome to join.

If you're interested, message Gpof#1551 on Discord.