Augmenting and Affixing made me quit.

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At one point I see what other free to play games have to offer and end up saying. Yeah, it's bad... but not as bad as xyz game that directly stops me from upgrading my weapons and armor with a 2000$ paywall with rng 😛

Maybe it's reaaaaally bad if we compare it with some really good games you have to pay a monthly sub?

Like what? WoW? it has the most pay to win gearization of the pay to play games.

We get free gear in PSO2 and can do all content without even affixing them beccause they have some mediocre but decent preaffixes.

Meanwhile WoW paywalls gear with gearscore.

@ZENCHI Lol, Bobby must be going through a hard economic crisis not being able to buy a new house due to wow profits xD Anyways, I was thinking about FFXIV but then I saw some other companies and I was like... yeah, maybe my info about games with subs is a bit outdated, lol.

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Maybe it's reaaaaally bad if we compare it with some really good games you have to pay a monthly sub?

Don't know that many monthly sub games, I do still play FFXIV and gear progression is extremely boring there. 30 item levels every other patch, slap 2 materias in there and you good for the next 6 month (or year during this COVID). Once my raid group get our main and maybe 1 other alt job gear, we basically call quits and wait several months for the next tier patch.

@HarmlessSyan I was referring to the simplicity of the system itself. I personally prefer more complex and complicated systems in old games but I do have to acknowledge that people nowadays do prefer simpler designs.

Having all this augments on PSO2 gives us a lot of versatility on builds, which in theory is great.

But I believe once a lot of devs started to realize that many of the builds on xyz games tended towards similar ones, they just simplified it. It's like how we don't have to put stat points on our stats every time we level up in games...

I miss having a hybrid mage who hits with physical attacks and throws spells due to an item effect in games like Ragnarok Online and I really like the variety of augments in PSO2, but I also understand that a lot of the people in modern games are not used to it and simply see it as a block... Which sucks.

In case it helps others, I ended up doing a deep dive on affixing in this thread and some parts are hopefully of general use

Not to play devil's advocate here for sega, but I have seen significantly worse weapon customization and crafting in other games. As an example, black desert's upgrading system is just abysmal, where you can actually lose hard to find items if you fail (and fail you will).

Slandering other games aside, it's far less daunting, and easier to understand than it seems at first glance, especially right now with enhancement being money free. The first thing you should do is worry about getting the amount of affixes on a weapon or piece of gear that you want, by taking trash items with a large number affixes and.. basically throwing them at it via dudu/monica. Pick high percentage (70%-100%) probability items because when you push for additional affix slots, that percentile will drop. Once that's done, you can hone the affixes with with better augments with no percentile loss.

It shouldn’t be easy and every item should have a purpose, every item. I like that you have to use your brain a lot more in this game surprisingly. Also helps elevate the newest player with a good money source to reach in game status. Just my personal opinion.

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It shouldn’t be easy and every item should have a purpose, every item. I like that you have to use your brain a lot more in this game surprisingly. Also helps elevate the newest player with a good money source to reach in game status. Just my personal opinion.

I agree, every item should have a purpose. It is nice for players to have items to find that have value that they can sell. The augmenting system has too many problems though. I consider myself good at affixing and I still need to use to help me. Some people I play with are far smarter than me, and they can't be bothered with affixing. They are capable but can't be bothered at all. If they were forced to, they would quit. They hate the system.

Affixing on paper sounds cool! Customize your weapon/unit, make it better! But wait, I got this new weapon/unit. Now I got to affix that. But wait, I have really good augments on my stuff already. I gotto affix it again and need dudu boost week for this affix... Oh but it's not Dudu boost week! "Oh, but augment transfer exists now"! A good addition! It took Sega 8 years to implement it, and if you have high slot augments, you are going to have a bad time transferring your stuff over and even then it's not that much worth it. You're better off using the affix transfer system (and your augment xfer passes) to make a godly affix with by adding add augment items to the mix. The only redeemable quality augmenting has is S-class augments which are more interesting augments that can't fail and don't require much to learn to get working.

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My limited knowledge of the worst system I have ever seen in any game has made my gear worse than they were before.

The augmenting and affixing system is awful, and quite frankly I hate this entire game because of it. I have no desire to try and farm things to improve my gear, I didn't want to upgrade anything because of how stupidly complex and vague it is, and when I finally did try it I ended up downgrading myself instead. I'm not going to sit here for hours and try and figure this out step by step. This should not require hours of research and 30+ page long guides to try and get a basic understanding.

See you guys in NGS if they fix it. I refuse to play a game that has such an awful upgrading system.

Hahaha gold, pure gold.

We're getting handed free gear, of the strongest type, infinite +30 fodder and infinite triggers for augment fodder and GLOBAL PLAYERS STILL COMPLAIN.

Hilarious. It can't get any easier than this.

@ZENCHI if they didnt do this no one would play bc no one can grind at 8x content speed with the JP version of the game and we'd all be stuck with trash gear. they could have avoided it by poorly translating the game 6 years ago :'D

Affixing is the only good mechanic in this game that should have been preserved, the only thing that make economy run even for low lvl players e freeones

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where you can actually lose hard to find items if you fail (and fail you will).

Ahhh yea... forgot alot of Korean games use that mechanic. I totally forgot I played Mabinogi Heroes aka Vindictus, blowing up my weapon sure helped me quit the game.

Phantasy Star Universe was similarly destructive; there were no augments but weapons could be ground up to +10 for power increases. The chance of failure increased the higher you ground, and every failure not only reset the grind but also reduced the maximum level by 1. So a Sword +9 that fails its grind would get smacked down to being a Sword +0 again only now it could only ever reach +9, and failing on the way to that would mean it couldn't even return to a potency it once had.

Ultimately augments are a better system than that because no matter how badly you fail equipment can always be restored to the previous best form it took and you don't have to farm a completely new one. And it does make sense that they have some complexity because otherwise you could just get the BIS weapon of its type and the gameplay loop is over until a newer better weapon is added to the game.

This is kind of why NGS is added the new system to combine two weapons together; what we have seen suggests that you can combine for instance a rifle into a sword and that this permanently destroys the rifle. You end up with a sword-rifle combination weapon probably with the enhancement levels and augments of the former only. You can overwrite the rifle part by combining a new fodder weapon (e.g. a cane) but you cannot get the rifle back. You also can't use one sword to create two different combination weapons, meaning you'll need to farm two good swords as well.

It may be that we come to look back on augments with the perspective of NGS and think it wasn't so bad after all.

If they want to keep the system the way it is then a well explained official guide would be nice. I simply couldn’t make heads or tails of even the S augments one, it’s not broken down in an easy to understand way. I only learned how from a player guide on the forums. I don’t think players should have to Google like mad to find player guides, the information should be readily available in an easy to understand way. We have players in this game that don’t know what grinder is for, for pete’s sake. Make a “talk to me like I’m five” guide. I literally got a splitting headache from trying to affix for the first time because the information made absolutely no sense and it was a system so different from other games.

@Milk the amount of time spent out of the app learning about augmenting is crazy. its bad design if you have people exiting the app to serach for third party info. every time thet alt tab is a chance they dont continue playing.

Originally in PSU your weapons exploded when you failed a grind and that was it. Reducing the cap was what they came up with after. I destroyed a lot of weapons, and hate this system just as much as I hated that. In my opinion the amount of time this system eats up is just too much. I also need to make a weapon for each element if I want to be prepared. There have been days where I get home from work and spend all the game time i have just working on fodders. I'd much rather be out running missions.