Augmenting and Affixing made me quit.

Doesn’t it make your items unique? Is it more satisfying when you do succeed? Or does it make you spend more real money because you hate to fail?

So i think no one mentioned this here

Gonna give just a good example why the system is bad.

You came out with a good set of affixes it's all fine but at the end you can only get 90% Success Rate(with 2 or 3 affixes) counting all the boosters( Affix Week, Augment Guidance, 45% Success Rate)

From my point of view when you have 90% chance of getting something you most likely are going to get that

Gonna say that is almost impossible for you to not get that

Well that's not how it works in the System...

That's not how probability works. As long it's not 100% you can fail, especially if you are doing multiple affixes not at 100%.

At 90%, you will fail 1 out of 10 times. When you have 3 affixes all at 90% the chances for all 3 to succeed is not 90% but rather the probability of all 3 succeed is 90%^3 or 0.9^3, about 73%

So your telling me that the game instead of counting every affix as one he counts as a whole which makes 73%

So you have 7.1 in 2.9 (something like that) to get what you want..

Still pretty good odds for me.

The fact that the game is telling you % for the things you want

And not the whole thing.

Makes me think that the system is even worst.

I'm not quite getting where you going with this. So, instead of failing certain affixes individually, you want a system that has a flat percentage to blow up all your affixes at once? What happens when you got affixes that have different success rate? Take the lowest one?

@HarmlessSyan I believe what most people would be better with if the game gave individual % and an overall % for all augments.

@Bloody-Zypher-0 said in Augmenting and Affixing made me quit.:

@HarmlessSyan I believe what most people would be better with if the game gave individual % and an overall % for all augments.

this is what im trying to say.

let's just make it clear that this is just a tiny thing about the system

That no one actually care cause most people always go for the 100%... or in worst case 95% (wich often fail)

I think it's a mistake to call the current affixing system empirically bad. Pso2's old affix system was actually bad. The current one is less bad and more needlessly complex.

I think it would be better to argue that the current affixing system is dated. And well the entire game kind of is. I personally don't bother with affixing. None of the Content I play really demands that. Most content at the moment just demands you to play good which I usually can do (or just slap ET on if I'm lazy or having an off day.)

However I'm not sure why you wouldn't engage with slotting S grade augments. It's actually very simple and you can't fail doing so.

I can see why people hate it. It requires you to use your brain a little bit. It's actually not that hard and this is coming from someone who didn't play on JP. I started out on launch and my first ever affix was pretty much perfect. I just played around in the simulator for about 1 hour and I pretty much knew how it worked fully.

After that it's just a matter of figuring out what the best affixes are and forming a recipe so that your final result ends up with everything you want. Some recipes you'll need to create weapons/units with augments that form other augments through affixing.

It's really just a matter of figuring out the best or cost effective stuff to apply and figuring out how to make them. It's really not as hard as people make it out to be. I don't mind it too much but I do agree with people who say it's not great and a better system could have been implemented.

@IAMCRAIG said in Augmenting and Affixing made me quit.:

Thing is, affixing has no real variance on what you want on your equipment. For weapons you've always wanted Astral Soul + best available super affix at the time, capsule affix for weapon's attack stat, highest version of precision/might/casting, modulator pre ep5, sentence precision/might/casting pre ep5, Mastery III (ep6 and onward: Doom Break III/Mastery V) and finally Phrase Decay if you're a Phantom or regularly play in groups.

The remainder are filled with S affixes with the final weapon being braindead easy to affix due to FIVE of these slots, which means Guardian Soul (if crazy enough to go for it), Absolute Glare and either a Grand capsule affix or max Crack affix (may be wrong on the last one)

For units it's similar based on whether you want a generalist set for all of your classes or specialized ones for some of them with slight variations from weapons (and significantly harder to do too, due to units only getting one S affix slot total and significantly fewer having SAF's)

Again, the only thing complicated about this is keeping your fodders organized so you can upslot equipment efficiently and get what you need onto them for the final affix you intend for a piece of equipment, but overall there's no good reason to deviate much at all outside of availability and cost. It's a bad system that Sega has been using to try to grift players with via the Dudu AC scratch (made doubly worse with the items included in it that have never been useable in global and haven't been useable in JP ever since New Type weapons were rolled out).

What you have pointed out is what my biggest gripes with affixing are. It is not "hard" to do once you figure it out and how the whole mechanic and process works but the ultimate goal is so straight-forward and almost so narrow that you only really have room for working with your budget (and making permanent compromises) or will go all-out on the most extreme possible affixes at the time to maximize what is currently possible. All of it really is just a difference of numbers until you factor in things like the SSA's such as the S4's and S5's for weapons and the S6-S8's for units that can fundamentally change your playstyle.

I would have preferred if this was handled like Warframe's mod system where you can tweak and adjust the parameters of your playstyles and weapons where could potentially have a merit/demerit for each of your choices made without the risk of completely destroying the viability of your weapon if you didn't take precautions (such as people who tried to upslot Novel weapons or units) to ensure some sort of guarantee. I really do not enjoy how affixing in this game is largely "maximize the stat you want the most" by digging around for formulas you already either know of that work (such as Guardian Soul) and work around stacking everything you can to your advantage. On the other side, this makes playing on the Player Shops very easy when you know what drops specific abilities and can sell those for a decent profit (I easily made over twenty million Meseta on the previous Zero Meseta campaign simply because of Dark Falz [Persona]'s drops always being relevant due to Mana Reverie and now for Guardian Soul).


It's got nothing to do with having to think. Everyone that actually bothers with affixing uses an affixing cheat sheet that does the work for them. The issue is that the system is more complex than it really ever needed to be.

@Furious i had to do hours of research outside the game to figure out my augment recipe for the 0 meseta affix week, pretty sad. and i had to ask other players. the game does nothing to teach you

I think affixing is worse in what it means for me trying to make Meseta in paying attention to all the garbage drops I get and sorting through my storage because it would be a shame to toss out something that could potentially make "something good" and I hate it for that.

But on actually doing the affixing, I dont think its the worst thing if you personally try to keep things simple because I think a lot of pain people may have is also an issue about people caring about stuff that doesn't matter as much as they might think. I can solo S rank Divide 30 with 6 slot Rivalate Soaring Blades that has stuff like Phrase Decay which doesnt even help me solo (no phantoms/hunters), I'm just wondering what content is out there exactly that people feel the need to spend way more money, thought processing and their own free time even caring to think about this stuff. Is it really worth thinking its the end of the world and quit the game if your attempt at making a weapon with 8 slots and over 200 attack etc fails? Just because you can doesn't mean that you probably should, but I think enough people beat in other people's head that these things are absolutely necessary.

@Vashzaron The only "real" thing I can think of that would possibly require having such perfect affixes for would be for players who already have committed their skill trees to such hyper-condensed and situational builds for their classes such as Phantoms with a maxed out Lord of Thorns because they are playing that combination and setup to do things like phase-skipping on bosses (such as forcing Luther out of his timestop phase if you don't have the all-class Bow). In normal game content and gameplay these builds and gimmicks are meaningless for general content but where you can optimally min-max and bait enemies into specific patterns it comes down (at least to me) becoming a speedrun to see how much you can exploit what currently exists for the sake of speed or for the sheer novelty of it (such as the Phantoms who decided to fight the final boss with only one-star weapons with no affixes and no units).