Augmenting and Affixing made me quit.

personally i felt the same about affixing when I first started trying even I said I would give up the whole process and just buy affixed units off market but after like 1-2 hours of watching some vids, using affix simulator too see the max percentage of certain augments and learning what increased certain augments affix rate it became alot easier. Its hard at first but once you get it it becomes alot easier to do affixing and plan everything, personally suggest using affix simulator to plan your affixs out. the only problem I would say there is with affixing is the amount of mesta needed ie for upslotting and getting certain affixs on your fodder. Other than that its pretty easy.(btw learn what augment factors are they will make affixing alot easier too)

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Needing 3 copies to transfer ONE affix and needing to gamble to upgrade/evolve affixes is obscenely bad.


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And obscenely expensive.

Not for people playing the game, passively collecting fodder from UQs and using the market regularly.

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And stuff gets lost/misplaced because the UI is terrible.

Sounds like your problem?

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God forbid if you're trying to do it drunk or high!

Maybe don't affix while drunk or high?

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but failure breaks the weapon permanently.

Why are you complaining about gambling in affixing then saying that a harsher gambling system is better?

Affixing is a crap system, yes, but it's not that insanely complicated when you sit down and learn it. Having to learn a system does not make it bad -- to me that sounds like you want the system to be different because you don't want this part of the game to be mentally taxing, but that's just simply how it is.

It has many, many issues and it seems the system is being revised with NGS (thank god), but it isn't hard to make something passable with the updates to the system (SGAs, 5-fodder system, SAFs, augment transfer passes, and so on and so forth).


That’s a shame, even with that thread you and I saw yesterday? It even had photos. Regular will always confuse me but that thread explained S augments well and I managed to do it. It has 100% success rate so if you follow the photos exact then it just works.

I agree with you though about everything else, it gives me a headache and outside of free enhancement campaigns I don’t even try anymore because I spent 30m+ on failure. It’s a cool concept but I’m just too dumb to use it.

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but failure breaks the weapon permanently.

Why are you complaining about gambling in affixing then saying that a harsher gambling system is better?

It's not really harsher than Guardian Soul/EV/Crack. and such. Much less getting them all in one unit.

And time saved. And less people horribly put off from the game due to the needless rocket science tier complexity.

Rule number one in design is "Keep It Simple, Stupid"

There is a work around with this complicated system, as always the first step is upslotting getting 6 slots is not that bad, 7 is tricky but doable, 8 slots you need to be extremely lucky.

As for the augments themselves, S-Grades can be dropped in during the upslot process and you will never lose them (You can swap these type around later), and once you have your target number of basic slots, go for augment factors since they are 100% drop in, and if you can get a hold of them, there are some items that you can add an augment to gear but you need to use these on your final step.

You may not get the top tier augments when using factors, but at least you can still get some decent augments with almost no headache setting up your builds.

@Ren6617 Guardian Soul / EV / Crack is for the elite. If you find it difficult, don't touch it.

I want to learn! I think he or she does to, just a little flustered with the process. My opinion

2 years playing still have problems fully understanding everything but i can do stuff myself .

a change would clearly benefit everyone

The thing is, PSO2's affixing system IS bad. A lot of it is highly reliant on multiple 50% chances (AFTER using an augment 40% ) with failure meaning you need to get the item back up to the desired amount of slots, which can be a horrible experience if you're trying to upslot to 8 slots on a union weapon. The fact that insurance items are rmt only (and even then you gambling to get them and not something pointless like an elemental enhancer) is incredibly gross.

I understand affixing very well and i still hate it. It's a huge waste of time. I would rather actually play the damn game and run missions than stand at a counter for hours on end grinding items and making fodders. Not to mention the research beforehand, even worse when you consider how vague their item descriptions can be. I said the same in the survey they asked us to do.

Personally I would rather see them go back to units with slots we can change parts in and out of at will. No support scratch $$$$$$$ for Sega though.

I love the intricacies of the affixing system. If you're smart about probability, risk, and understanding the combinations it's fun (and anyone can do that if you put even like 1hr trying for yourself). I rather use my brain to think than mindlessly upgrade gear to be better without the satisfaction. If you truly cared about playing the game, you would try. Obviously true in life as well. It's not for everyone; go play a different game like AFK Arena or a waifu/husbando gacha games where it's even much worse to gamble (did I mention FGO/Ark Knights, etc.) on upgrading your SSR card to UR! All-in-all; you don't even need the absolute best affixes to get by soloing the hardest content in PSO2. To laslty add, if you're playing the game, just to show off your gear and brag (met a few of those people; they whale harder than I do on AC to sell and just buy everything); I personally don't take them seriously because literally 100% of quit playing the game (or any game) after like 2-4 weeks lol. Anyways, it's all my opinion and personal experience and I'm not trying to point fingers; just sharing. I do try to help those players to learn a bit and avoid having to swipe credit cards just to affix even simple gear and where to farm for materials and certain affixes.

Thing is, affixing has no real variance on what you want on your equipment. For weapons you've always wanted Astral Soul + best available super affix at the time, capsule affix for weapon's attack stat, highest version of precision/might/casting, modulator pre ep5, sentence precision/might/casting pre ep5, Mastery III (ep6 and onward: Doom Break III/Mastery V) and finally Phrase Decay if you're a Phantom or regularly play in groups.

The remainder are filled with S affixes with the final weapon being braindead easy to affix due to FIVE of these slots, which means Guardian Soul (if crazy enough to go for it), Absolute Glare and either a Grand capsule affix or max Crack affix (may be wrong on the last one)

For units it's similar based on whether you want a generalist set for all of your classes or specialized ones for some of them with slight variations from weapons (and significantly harder to do too, due to units only getting one S affix slot total and significantly fewer having SAF's)

Again, the only thing complicated about this is keeping your fodders organized so you can upslot equipment efficiently and get what you need onto them for the final affix you intend for a piece of equipment, but overall there's no good reason to deviate much at all outside of availability and cost. It's a bad system that Sega has been using to try to grift players with via the Dudu AC scratch (made doubly worse with the items included in it that have never been useable in global and haven't been useable in JP ever since New Type weapons were rolled out).

Personally I don't like the Affixing/Augmented system as it is currently implemented. I learned how it worked, but not being super wealthy in Meseta it took forever to get anywhere with it and it felt like I was spending more time at the augmentation vendor then I was actually playing the game. This is not something I was having fun with and personally would rather get back into the game. I just use the items with the stats they come with and go with what I enjoy doing, watching for any upgrades that could drop as dictated by RNG from the part of the game I do enjoy playing.

I don't the augmentation/affixing system as it is, but don't mind it being as is for those that like that kind of aspect in the game. I'm just glad it's not something that is mandatory in order to play majority of content available.