Augmenting and Affixing made me quit.

Just because it is good advice doesn't make the process any less trash.

Also an ad hominem would have been an attack to you directly, which I don't think that was. It was calling a turd a turd. 🤔

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Kitty: They made the process easier. Just capsules. So this is good news.

I... I am actually... quite fearful about the new system. Because from what I had seen, a Stat 1 capsule was like... 10% chance. So, for a Stat 6 capsule, what will it be?

Will it also drop with the same chance? Will Soul like capsules be really rare drops from bosses, like how S augment capsules or candies are?

Will capsules need to be combined to form Mana Reverie type ones? Will those be 100% or... also have to make a bunch of those?

And will SEGA sell +% success on capsule application? Now, that question, you know that the answer is: You bet they will.

I am dreading it, deep down.

Still, the current augmenting system is a trash fire. At least I have been able to play without a care for it thanks to the handouts and whatever equipment that has dropped already decent enough, along with S augments.

SEGA could have done a modification to the system to be using only S-augments. But I guess neither people complained enough nor the pull from selling stuff on "support scratches" lowered either.

@Aumires I recall the Stat 2 capsules were a 9% success rate (which meant with ten capsules you had a 90% chance of success). According to this page the biggest change to affixing is that instead of completely wiping out the weapon's affixes on each attempt you get to pick between old and new abilities to affix. I know this happens in some cases already (such as the Fever abilities and the S-Class Special Abilities/S-Grade Augments) but this definitely looks to be a very big quality-of-life change that should remove a lot of the bigger headaches and hurdles in finding recipes and formulas.

However, I can imagine to "offset" this you will definitely have a much harder time finding the desirable capsules and abilities as this is Sega: the introduction of SSA's suddenly making affixing easier, the introduction of using more than two pieces of fodder for affixing, and the introduction of Ability Transfer Passes/Augment Transfer Passes all came with huge catches of their own so-as to not completely free players from the way things were despite making it easier overall.

From what I have seen of players playing the game, it was definitely not hard at all to pick up capsule because they dropped seemingly like candy in the beta but I would imagine that in the final release these will be "normal" capsules you want anyways and the more desirable ones are rarer and harder to find.

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@QWERT Ah yes, "simply", because I have those lying around.

You should do cause we were given one for free at lower slot, so you could use that for transfer (and then upslot it later/after, or keep as a spare for such purposes). (NOTE: Just as a general FYI slot number doesnt matter for SGA transfers btw, only regular affixing).

@Doom-Smack A lot of assuming going on here.

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Not to play devil's advocate here for sega, but I have seen significantly worse weapon customization and crafting in other games. As an example, black desert's upgrading system is just abysmal, where you can actually lose hard to find items if you fail (and fail you will).

I'm just going to be explicit here: The fact that this shit is less shitty than the other shit won't change the fact that they are both shit. I apologize (a little), but it can't get clearer than that. Really, you shouldn't compare games made in korea with games from anywhere else.

Comparing games, especially similar games to one another despite where they're made is how a consensus is made about what is considered "good," by a standard community, but I guess some people just have that deep rooted necessity to be vulgar banal about things that they're ignorant to. But good job on yer Ad Hominem.

What "ad hominem"? Many people say that something is worse when someone complains about anything in any game forum for some reason. See how it adds absolutely nothing to any conversation? If you want to compare, maybe tell them about a better system you have seen in an attempt to improve the game. You know, like something that has zero RNG, but that's obvious, and it is up to the developers to accept that RNG is just RNG. No, don't bother reciting some BS on how it isn't garbage. It's just lazy game designing. Although you are free to make my day by telling me how i'm a bad player in "being unable to understand a simple system" or something. Heh.

Slandering other games aside, it's far less daunting, and easier to understand than it seems at first glance, especially right now with enhancement being money free. The first thing you should do is worry about getting the amount of affixes on a weapon or piece of gear that you want, by taking trash items with a large number affixes and.. basically throwing them at it via dudu/monica. Pick high percentage (70%-100%) probability items because when you push for additional affix slots, that percentile will drop. Once that's done, you can hone the affixes with with better augments with no percentile loss.

You know what, i'll just quote a fitting post from another games forum: "I can eat feces and like it, that means everyone who can't/won't is worse than me" is a popular "argument" these days for anything in gaming and god do I hate it.

I mean... this is clearly more mudslinging, but I won't really appeal to ignorance here. That was actually advice on how to upgrade gear, and actually feasibly good advice too. But, enjoy eating your feces.

Your accusations about imaginary "mudslinging" is funny considering you just indulged in the same thing. Funny that, but unsurprising. Like, come on, they don't need YOUR help. If they wanted to use the RNG system, they would just try again after looking up info from the internet or would simply ask for help here. Since they quit, advice wouldn't help anyway, or did you just assume they are a liar? Why does everyone just tell the OP how "it's easy!" when they didn't even ask for help? Could have just let the thread die after the first post, but NnOoOoO... Always need to attempt to argue for the sake of arguing.

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@Doom-Smack A lot of assuming going on here.

Wait you really don’t have one? We got the weapons for free from the campaign, you just had to do five recommended quests, pretty sure it’s still going.

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We got the weapons for free from the campaign, you just had to do five recommended quests, pretty sure it’s still going.

It is:


Indeed, but that wouldn't give me multiple S5s to work with.

@Ren6617 I know right. I can't even bind skills to my extra side buttons on my mouse. At least let us bind to the left control key so I could move palette switching down and set shift as my dodge key (like what's standard for nearly every other MMO.. no wait PC game period.)

Oh and as for the affix/augments. I just stopped doing it. After max leveling a class I just go back and level a new one. I decided the end game (for me at least) isn't worth the trouble. I also stopped picking up 80% of the items I see as well though, just cause the inventory management is such a pain. It may not be the "right" way to play, but I'd rather play my way than feel pressured to sacrifice enjoyment for end game stats.

I have affixed and am now planning for my end game affixing / gear.

This is crazy!

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This is crazy!

It's the power curve of games like this. Going from entry-level to mid-tier equipment is always going to be orders of magnitude easier than going the last mile from reasonably high-tier to god-tier.


Well, it alot of grinds, meseta you spend and the amount of augments transfert you need, mission badge and organization to do.

Some guys made an excel to sort their fodders and how much fodders they need... But keep in mind it mostly peoples who min-max who are doing it. :x

I use notepad and the affix assistant. Notepad for organizing my shopping list and what folders I have, and affix assistant to know how I should set up my fodder.