Ally Hologram broken

You are unable to pose your auxiliary even if you already own the emotes. Escx9afXMAAIu7o.png

Wow, this is quite the expensive furnishing. ($100 per unit, or several months of Mission Pass and content grinding.)

I hope there are variant colors that can be added to Mission Pass in the future. (Due to untradeable code.)

Since it's so expensive, I can't test it on Steam.


Since I'm trying to get something from an SG scratch, all the junk gets turned into badges, so I will eventually get this and try it out.


Thank you for helping out the OP with this bug report. If only I could help too.

While I'm sure the GMs can test this out on the SEGA exclusive test server, there's other catch up content that they could be testing out with patch data that might not match the live version. Or there could be multiple test servers, for all I know.

@MasterDarkwingz Ever since hearing about this item and how it makes an auxiliary full sized, I was wondering how it works, so it was already in my plans to get, just had to wait to see where to find it.

I can't make an alt of my auxiliary right now since the fox tails in the mission pass only allowed for a character unlock and not account unlock, so this is the next best thing.

If there are bugs, hopefully they can be fixed, I also posted a bug report in the forums on an NPC voice.

@LazerRay I want the item too, and I could get it if I sacrifice months of saving up for NGS.

Glad to hear it's not a strain for you.

Not sure why you'd need an alt of an auxiliary if you can de-summon on current furniture to move them around to something else.

Unless you mean to say you wanted to test out a look on an auxiliary before an alt?

The fox tails showed up months ago as well, so they'll cycle through again.

Pretty sure PSO2 Comi wouldn't make that recycling factor a punchline if it wasn't the norm for SEGA's marketing.

Have an alt of my aux was so her aux was my main, basically trading places just for the fun of it.

I still have 2 free character slots, one is for a playable alt, the other a ship hopper to import stuff into ship 4 that is either cheaper or older items that were missed.

At least this a SG decor item that doesn't explode your room this time, I can not in any faith think they even test this stuff.

Can confirm that there are no Ally Hologram pose options on Steam.


Hopefully they fix this, I have yet to get this, but a member of my alliance has the aux holo and discovered the same bug.

Even with a broken feature this item is unique, and its a shame we had to wait so long for it.

Maybe it's another "feature" of the censorship? You know, just in case.

The last update fixed the Auxiliary Hologram, posing works as long as you have used the emote tickets for them. Untitled.png I'm standing on the furniture item next to my auxiliary, and she has one of the poses set, I finally get some form of Danielle Fox in full size.

Can confirm, fixed on Steam.