This class for a new player?

Just trying to figure out if its worth giving this a shot.

It's very easy to play, and surely less hard to master than other classes.

The hard part is building your pets to have enough damage for high end game. It requires a lot of time and resources.

Also you can't buy some of that resources and you need the RNG to drop them (I'm talking about sweets. You can speed up pet's leveling by buying eggs, but that's not the hard part)

Summoner is one of the easiest class to learn how to play and is pretty player friendly for new players for not requiring too much in the start after all Summoner weapons don't gain damage.

The real issue with Summoner comes to learn how to use your pets and their personalities (that work similar to weapon potentials), what kind of candies to use and when to use each pet.

so if you want to try Summoner go ahead but unless you really enjoy using the class don't invest hard in the class, after all Summoner requires more effort than the other classes to reach the peak and all the meseta you not gonna expend with weapons will be changed for SG that the pets use in order to level up and remove sweets.