As the title implies, I'm asking if it could be considered that players be allowed to export their player model data to Vroid studio.

As insane as that concept might seem at first glance to some, I bring this up because there are actually a fair amount of big name Vtubers (and a few lesser known smaller vtubers such as myself) who actively stream their PSO2 gameplay, and to some extent, I wanted to make my Vtuber model more identical to my in-game model for use during my PSO2 streams.

I imagine I can't be the only one who's had the thought cross their mind but has never really considered the idea possible because that would require some means of getting the player data to a program like Vroid studios in the first place, (as well as any of potential legality issues that could be involved for anyone attempting to do so without Sega's blessing on the matter)

With the new features coming to PSO2 along side the PSO2:NG release in the future, it seems as thought the ability to move player model data between both games has easily been figured out already by the development team, so its plausible that being able to export our player models to Vroid studio wouldn't be Impossible (again, outside of any potential legality issues if one didn't get Sega's Blessing on the matter)

So outside of my own personally vested interests, I feel as though such a thing would actually encourage more of said Vtuber's viewers to go "oh hey, that's cool, how did you do that?" - and then with the process of "oh this is my character from PSO2/PSO2:NG" that encourages their viewers to go check the game out and play the game, spend some time and money into it for a bit even when any of the bigger name vtubers aren't directly streaming PSO2/PSO2:NG content.

And before anyone asks, I haven't made a single cent off any of my uploaded videos from my PSO2 gameplay, to me its sharing my experiences that's important; even with the small audience I have. (though if given the chance for a collaboration with Sega; I sure as heck wouldn't turn it down!)