Alliance: Clan Destine

Region: NA / Ship 3

Player ID: Sharya Kateri

Active Timezone(s): EST, CST

Looking for a smaller, tight-knit group to call home? We're all working adults, many with families, who leave our baggage at the door for a few hours each evening to enjoy each other's company and what the game has to offer.

We have no grand plans to be the biggest alliance; we currently have 24 members and looking to add a few more. Growth of the roster will be deliberate, filled with members with common goals. Our intent is to have enough members to be able to experience all content, help each other out, run events together, and laugh when we trip over our own feet, but learn from our experiences and keep driving towards whatever objectives we set in front of us. Members we are looking for share these same ideals. Players who are enjoying the game for the content; members who enjoy stopping to smell the roses and not see the game as a race to the finish, only to get burnt out along the way.

As a smaller, tight-knit alliance, we encourage active players who want to commit time with us to build chemistry and camaraderie. In Episodes 1 through 3, we were learning about the game mechanics and sharing information with each other. In Episode 4, our group became even more cohesive as we went through new content and features introduced. We continued to gel as a group through Episode 5, running through different types of missions as a group. We are now currently enjoying Episode 6 content, enjoying the game as a group. We run trigger quests, urgent quests, advance quests, challenge quests, limited quests, and ultimates as a group. Looking into the future, we hope to hit the ground running when New Genesis comes out.

During the work week, our peak times are generally in the evening hours, with most members currently on the east coast time zone. Extended and more sporadic hours on the weekends. We have about 6 to 12 members on in the evenings. When we recruit, our goal is to add a few active players at a time and take a step back to assess where we're at. We use Discord for voice comms and usually have at least a few members hanging out there while playing.

If you're intrigued or interested, then send me a message, ask questions, and see if this might be the right home for you. Expect to have a get-to-know-you voice chat in Discord (Shar#5624). We look forward to meeting you.

~ Shar