Translate the PSO2COMI signboard emote and the memory shop name

Self explanatory title. Feels silly having the PSO2COMI memory shop shop around and not translate this emote with a bunch of japanese quotes. And this is totally not me showing off my character too. There's also the "Pusonikomi" at the top left which isn't translated too. b3403239-c0d7-42ee-9d6b-1680a4a6408a-image.png

Agreed and should especially be done when you consider they spend time localizing certain other aspects of the game to global but they conveniently don't localize this?

I agree. Anyone happen to know what it translates to?

@Home-Rowed I know at least 1 of the quotes translates to "Step on me", which is probably referencing zect when he said that he wanted to be stepped on at some point in the comics


The female version say "Age is Fantasy".

Ref. from Mitarashi.

LionBridge does the translations and localizing, so I suspect with their censorship track record that this is intentional.

Apparently not everyone thinks it's okay to have dirty and crude humor in a Mature rated game. (Even though that's Teen content.)