PSO2 Station January 23


Bumped translation - being updated ASAP:

As expected Mid Feb is the PSO2 graphic update and they will be selling the renew version starter PSO2 outfits that can do NGS lobby actions/functions as AC scratch.

Ha current default costumes updates being in the AC scratch is something I absolutely expected, it's how I would expect any other old costumes to be updated too. (Expect the popular ones the most) Saw too many people thinking they would just update current costumes for free or something through the graphics overhall update.

@Vashzaron It definitely is interesting to see how the global players will experience this as the Japanese version has had plenty of these "rifts" between content before (Old-Type weapons, for example) that separate old and new content with the differences being noticeable. For those who have not seen the videos yet there will be new costumes and lobby actions branded as "N" variations that will have more details and support for finger movement. These are available in upcoming and new AC Scratches with several of them being stock costumes from Phantasy Star Online 2 (as well as the other Phantasy Star games ranging to Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Universe, and the two/three Portable games. There are already collaborations (such as the Shining series) slated to have these changes made to them as well.

Edit: Also to note, it seems to be stated that AC Scratch "Gold" is not supported for New Genesis (which I believe in the global version refers to our AC Scratch Tickets) which means you cannot use them for New Genesis-related scratches. It is also mentioned that wearing New Genesis-specced cosmetics will revert to their "default" forms for Phantasy Star Online 2-related story scenes so you will not suddenly see finger movements in the previous story.

I don't think the collabs will have finger movements seems like just revivals, they still use the old naming system. Only 8 outfits have the new N naming system and the new [Se] or [Ba].

AC Scratch Gold is JP only AC scratch system, it's 500 AC per pull but gives 3-4 items that are the same "set"

@HarmlessSyan The Gold would make sense to me (I've never put money into any scratches on either side so I wouldn't know) as I figured it was some sort of bonus scratch. I would imagine that the Shining series mentioned might at least have something (if that wasn't an announcement of a rerelease/rerun, that is) considering it is also a Sega property where that would have likely been possible without so much outside negotiation.

If people they are collaborating with give them the go ahead on allowing updates I don't see why they wouldn't do it.

Well only these 8 with the new N naming system were shown. The collab items had their old names showned on stream, unless they decide to change the old item too, it be pretty confusing.


@HarmlessSyan I am curious to see how the global translation will handle that as I recall some of the newer New-Type weapons on the Japanese side no longer indicate "-NT" at the end of the name and in the global version the "NT" suffix was completely removed from the translation altogether. I am curious to see if this "N" carries into the new lobby actions and renewed costumes.

Perhaps I am bad at wording stuff, sorry I dont think you understand what I am implying, don't worry about what they are currently announcing now.

What I am saying is in the future it should not come as any surprise if they start reselling other PSO2 clothing items in "NGS Spec." For collabs they would have to ask permission from whatever they are collabing with sure though.

ayyy. looks like we can finally set the framerate INSIDE the game with that update.

Oh and on those costumes and global, some of those have not even been released in BA form yet over here yet we have this information. I believe the older BA forms of default costumes just come from SG scratch so now when we do get those I can just avoid even caring to get any I would want knowing we will get NGS spec versions from future scratch anyway. You could extend this line of thought even further with what I am implying in my earlier speculation but its really up in the air what and when stuff will be updated even if I am right or maybe I am wrong, just thinking out loud with what has been announced.

Fascinating. At about the 1:29:00 mark they show the bathroom from Episode 4 (the location of the removed scenes on the Global version) as an area to explore but I do not know if they are just showing the graphical changes or if this is like the Captura in Warframe (a place to take screenshots).

They also have shown the lobbies from Episodes 1-6 including seasonal variants as well.

Edit: And a Chromakey room where you can use your normal actions unlike the green-screen accessory for the Personal Quarters~

It's new screenshot mode, you can go to like every zone, even like special areas in cutscenes and after boss fights. You can also set the lobby to any seasonal lobby/franca's cafe for screenshot purpose and they even have the alpha version of the pso2 lobby for you to take screenshots

@HarmlessSyan I am not well-versed in Japanese so my immediate guess upon seeing all of it was immediately that it was like Warframe's Captura (I used the wrong name earlier) where you can take pictures in environments where you normally do not have access to or the means to act in like the normal gameplay allows. It definitely looks very fun for those who like to take pictures.

I really like they included the Alpha lobby