S5 Augment Bloom (is this Anthesis Cultivation)

As topic says, picked this up earlier and had to hop off for a bit, I haven't seen anything on this anywhere else I've looked and of course Global has everything changed up(some not even close to their counterparts, like potentially this one). Anyways, anyone who knows can help out? Also feel free to ask about some others, we are getting the majority of S grade abilities now and I'm sure most, if not all, will have a name change.

"Doubles changing of Augment status."

The translation is really bad and rather ambiguous but this should be it.

Thanks, yeah I just got on and figured I'd slap it on for science(wasn't sure as nothing that holds S5 can be out on the shop so didn't want to waste 60mil+)... Anyways, yes I can confirm it is S5: Anthesis Culvation (Double all your weapons augments)