Someone have a link to the...

...fifty page guide I need to make my Rivalate have the S4 from my Atlas, S5 from the Rivalate, and the affixes I want? Because the system is so !@#$ing terrible and vague that I can't just figure it out from looking at the !@#$ing !@#-!@#$ed screen in game.

NGS please.

Do ya wanna post how many slots your weapon has and what affixes you want and I’ll see how much I can help ya with. Some affixes take forever to create so certain ones I can’t really help with, and up slotting is just as time consuming/meseta dependent.

  1. Swap printer Atlas EX to the correct type and affix the S4 onto itself.

  2. Affix Rivalate with junk and select the S5 in the process.

  3. Use transfer S grade augment to transfer S4 from Atlas EX onto Rivalate, now you have S4 and S5 on it

  4. Carry out your rivalate affixes as normal

Didn't make sense, ignoring entire process until NGS comes out.


You're welcome