13 star unit trade in?

Hey! I'm getting a lot of 13 star units that aren't as good as what I've already got. But I can't sell them in the player market and it seems wasteful to just hock them off to an NPC vendor. Is there a place I can trade them for something useful like EX cubes or grinders?

Unless it still hasn't been updated yet, there should be an option to trade one 13* Unit for 5 ExCubes in the Swap Shop.

@AndrlCh No they must've updated it. Cause I don't see it.

@NekoN7Templr It should be the seventh option, but if it isn't there, then they haven't updated it to be on parity with JP yet. If that is the case, your only options are to NPC them or store them until the Swap Shop is updated.

You could dismantle them and sell the gold mats on the market, or maybe use them as augment fodder thanks to their SAF.

@Meikoloid I'm pretty sure that 13* Units can't be dismantled, unless that was added in some kind of stealth/Global-exclusive update.

@NekoN7Templr Keep an eye on their SAFs, some of them might be a keeper if the SAF is appealing to you.