Sega made a mistake by splitting divide quests up.

Because I can't find parties. It took 30 minutes to get a group to get past 1-5. It's going to take that long for 6-10.

And of course, this trash quest time gates your Cras materials... lovely. Imagine thinking sitting in queue is fun gameplay.

You do know the quest scales to the number of players in your party right?

It's easy to do alone, you don't have to wait.

I think it's assumed that the earlier levels are plenty solo-able. So even if things weren't split party wise you'd likely struggle to find a group because of said mentality.

Just join an alliance.

It's one of the few contents in this game that took soloing to heart, so it's best if you solo it, people can join in during it for the paths, but doesn't get in the way, and you actually get a bigger boost solo. that's why parties for it are rare, people actually get in the way.

I've heard it scales up with the number of players but by how much?

The mothership utimate quest scales as well, but with a full party of 4 players the enemies only have 100% more hp. Not only that but not having all the attacks focused at all also quinda helps.

Solo, higher attack bonus and no risk of getting teamed up with people unfamiliar with the mechanics/step objectives.

@KILL-A If you end up with a person who leeches (my first run involved a Gunner/Hunter who stood back in the corner wielding the stock one-star Gunslash) the enemies scale enough that the "expectation" is that all four players are holding and pulling their weight if you are in a full party. One person idling or lazing around is enough to throw the objectives - as well as one person burning all of your remaining lives in the quest.

When you get to boss fight missions you can easily see which players are contributing damage by seeing how far the meter moves when players attack and when that player I mentioned earlier fought their damage was abysmal enough that the rest of us in the session barely made it to the S rank because all of us used our special attacks (Hero Time, Phantom Time, and Complex Photon Arts) simultaneously just to push it from B to the very beginning of S.

Your grade and ranking matters for the rewards you get out of it and having a leech or a full party who isn't familiar/capable of pulling off a smooth run in a team setting (especially for enemy exterminations where the explosive enemies can help destroy larger bosses or mobs of enemies) will definitely give you less rewards than playing solo and making your way through. The only real exception to this I would consider are the Exploration missions where you collect crystals but even solo those aren't very difficult either.

@VanillaLucia I'd say this sums up perfectly why i despise forced grouping. You could say that lazy people aren't a wide spread problem, but we all know that's bull. If the only way game developers can get people to work together is to force them into it, which doesn't work of course, it just proves that grouping with other people should be a personal choice. You know, do it with you friends/alliance or solo, which ever you prefer. Also, if you REALLY want to deal with random people, then go ahead. You can only blame yourself when you end up doing all the work. I still don't understand why people use "MMO" as an excuse to try and push that forcing "teamwork" is as it should be, unless they are the lazy people who don't want their easy time to stop. Why play a game that you aren't actually going to play? It's so goddamn dumb.

Invest in social skills and join an alliance bud