Players leaving in middle of new Chocolate UQ

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Is this a thing with this new UQ? Has anyone else had this happen?

I've had this happen on past UQs like Crimson Fellwyrm. You can report everyone who leaves. Yes, you can "accidentally" report an innocent person who disconnects, but that's just part of how this works. You can report everyone who leaves.

I've already had to do it three times or so.

Yes you can report them, but it doesn't do anything, sega doesn't punish people who leave, you can report leechers and people who don't do anything, however. i think that is where the confusion happened.

Accidental reporting sure as hell does 0 because i don't think sega is that incompetent to say 'well, they were reported, Guess we better do something to them"

They won't do anything regardless of there being a good reason for the report. They don't want to remove (possibly) paying customers unless they start spouting some racist/sexist nonsense, which would hurt their image and possibly sales.

Personally, the only thing i got to ask is: Why doesn't some shortcut teleport appear when the other side finishes so everyone could get it over with? Would be more convenient. It's too much of a bore anyway, so i just stopped doing it. If half go to one side and half to the other, the only reason it takes a lot longer for the other side is that they are lazy and you need to go and pick up their slack. Trust me, i did both sides, and when i was on the bulf side, the enemies died around the same time on both sides. On the other side however, it took an extra minute or two for them to finish on the bulf side. I'm just playing the game normally, unlike most people it seems. There is more than enough time to check other people equipment, and since most of them have at least croesus weapons, it isn't about the equipment for sure, unless they have crappy units so they get one-shotted, which is more wide spread than you might think.

@Ryoga There's either a big skill gap or a big equipment gap (or both) between players in the EN version. Even with a similar number of players on both sides, often one side finishes alot faster than the other because of this.

@Ezodagrom Even though that doesn't explain almost 30 min runs. Like I said one side waiting for the other is normal and the PuGs I'm in are still able to finish with an average clear time of 9-10 min with 7 min on the lower end and 12 min on the upper end.

It's completely fine with me if people wait on their side and don't go to help. Since no teleport appears, I assume that's how the run was designed. What bothers me is if they all start dropping out and you can't finish the run. One party drops, it's ok, but when two drop leaving only four of us, that's not ok. We're forced to leave too at that point.