Shop obtained S-Grade Unit Augment use question

How would I get an S-Grade augment purchased from the shop onto one of my units? I watched a video on youtube and the guy had to somehow put it onto another unit first and then transfer it.

Do I really need to do that?
If yes, how do I get it onto the other unit to then transfer to the one I want it on?

@Natty-Boh-man Unfortunately, capsules can only be added while affixing a unit. This means that if you've already affixed your base unit, you risk losing everything when affixing again to add the capsule.

To avoid re-affixing the base unit, most people add the S-grade aug to a fodder unit while affixing 100% success junk augs. Then they use the S-grade augment transfer option to move it over to their main unit without losing its current affixes. What makes this potentially difficult is that S-grades can only be added to 13 star units so you need a 13 star piece of fodder. The easiest sources I know are drops you have from Rainbow keys, Novel units from the RWB5 shop, or upgrading a(n Ivlida and then) Cleasis unit into Schvelle using materials from the RWB4 shop.

Thanks for the reply. So let me see if I have this right. I need to get a thirteen star unit with at least 5 slots (to match what I think the rivalate handout units have) and put the S-grade unit augment on one of them by transferring another five slot junk unit to the 13 star fodder. Then do the S-Grade Augment transfer from the fodder 13 star 5 slot unit to my new rivalate unit?

@Natty-Boh-man Correct! Except the nice thing about transferring S-grade augs is that they don't have to have the same number of slots to transfer. So even a 1-slot 13 star fodder would work for adding the capsule and then transferring to your 5-slot Rivalate unit.

Thanks again @Rang-Dipkin . I got it to work!

I'm so glad that they brought in S grade augments to make everything simple! HA! Seriously though, I'd like to meet the architect of this convoluted upgrade system in a dark alley. I'd pay AC for that! 😉

@Natty-Boh-man Awesome! Congrats on your new gear 😄

And yeah, when I finally got a semi-handle on regular affixing they went and added S-grades to the mix and I felt like I was at the beginning again! Wanted to find that dark alley at first too, but now I like them more than regular augs cause they're never a wasted investment and make upslotting a lot less painful (especially on weapons).

Yeah, thanks @Rang-Dipkin. The new units make a HUGE difference too. I spent a lot of money on recycle badges to get them, but it was well worth it.

@Natty-Boh-man Yeah man, I did the same for that badge shop S8 and it's an awesome boost in and of itself! No regrets at all as I play a lot of solo content and if I pop a couple shiftas + debands with the iclusio culte at the start of a mission I can usually keep it up with that S8 without having to cycle gear as much if at all (very welcomed on Xbox with controller).