Risa is speaking in tongues (or in this case Japanese)

I just unlocked the episode 6 version of Risa's allay card from story mode, and it looks like we got the same bug from when the Gemini Dark-Blast was released, the voice clips are in Japanese instead of English.

All of her text dialog and all other voice clips are in English if you have your settings that way, including Risa's original ally card.

Hopefully this is an easy patch that can be added next update.

An update to this bug, I recently had Risa pop up during an E-Code and it was the episode 6 version, and she has the same voice bug as her ally card, again her text was in English but her voice as Japanese.

I have both text and voice set as English in game, but this is just weird until the bug gets patched.

The instability must be hitting her harder than expected...