Is Luster Coming Soon?

The campaign rewards for the end of January have 3 gunblades and 3 camos, all of them being the Luster gunblade with each color belonging to a different style. Does this mean the next update at the start of February is when Luster is being introduced or am I reading too much into this?

I think you got it right. Definetelt Luster coming very soon.

These campaigns are a "Road to Luster" in everything but name, but if Luster was really coming on the next update then I believe they would have announced it by now so if I were to bet then I'd say Luster will be coming on the update of 4 weeks from now.

But even so I'm still hoping Sega will surprise us and give Luster on the next update, I'm so looking forward for that class.

Its definitely coming, and a luster scratch to boot I bet.

I'd say that Luster on the 3rd is a pretty safe bet, along with the conclusion of Episode 6 on the 17th. We're getting close to being caught up with the Japanese side of things, and with NGS' closed beta starting in Febuary for the Japanese players, everything kind of starts to fall into place.

I'm still banking on a NGS release in May sometime, however. I can't see the game coming out any sooner than that if they're only starting the beta testing process in Febuary. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if NGS isn't released until June.

@Blade-Syphon first closed beta is actually at the end on January and mid Feb will be the graphic engine update for JP PSO2.

Not sure how global going to release the content, but at least on JP it was end of Ep6 Story -> Luster -> Solo Sodam -> Level 100

Luster, what a lewd name to be honest.


  • 1 : a glow of reflected light, sheen specifically; the appearance of the surface of a mineral dependent upon its reflecting qualities, i.e. the luster of polished metal.

  • 2a : a glow of light from within, i.e. luminosity, the luster of the stars.

@ThirdChild-ZKI Finally, someone explains what the name means. Though I'm betting SEGA is using the second meaning which perfectly fits.

You'll soon see Luster is a very flashy and shiny class, fitting of its name.

@ThirdChild-ZKI Hopefully soon and without a name change due to some saying it sounds wrong without learning the definition of that it actually means.

People don’t know what luster means? I guess it’s not a word you come across every day but I’m a jewelry nerd and the word “luster” is used a lot in the grading or description of pearls.

I’m going to be mad if they change the name

There's no precedent to rename it, especially on the basis of a misunderstanding that's highly uncommon to the word's use. I think we're kinda jumping the gun and assuming the worst here.

Eh, considering the most random censors we've gotten... However, maybe the developers are going to leave this one alone, hopefully?

@ZarexWolf yeah, flashed back to "blacklist", someone gotta be offended by part of the word again instead of thinking logically about an established term