Zig is broken.

Now that I finally have everything I need to trade in for a Rivialte Katana, Rivialte gunblade, the required mats, I cant do it since despite having it all in my inventory Zig is broken and the menu wont allow me to add them to the trade.

Good Job. it makes sense that whoever is managing PSo2 NA is connected to SONY since so much about the nonsensical censorship and broken things stinks of sabatoge.

What isn't showing up in the trading menu? If it is the weapons, have you made sure they are unequipped and not locked?

They have never been equipped or locked or otherwise touched, the menu for trading in the items is simply broken.

Uh huh. Explain why it doesnt work then?

Show us a picture of the zig exchange and your inventory. Either you are doing something wrong or there's something wrong with your game client.