Stars earned for Mission Pass


  1. Tier missions loop/repeat indifinitelly granting a small ammount of stars

  2. Daily missions give a large ammount of tier progrsesion

So are you suggesting either of those be implemented? Sorry, seeking clarity.

Can you elaborate a little bit on why this would be desired or why the current system doesn't work? Thank you!

The system itself feels very driving forward, but after all the tier missions are, the rate at which stars are granted by Daily/Weekly missions feels just wrong. It's like i'l be waiting a few days before continuing working on rewards. This just feels wrong. At this point I feel that there should be either less missions granting more progress, or more missions granting smaller progress.

The idea is to keep the progress bar going. It doesn't matter if it's the same "kill 1000 enemies" mission granting 1/10th of a tier on a loop, or 4-5 missions that refresh daily granting a full tier each. Either of these options, I think, would healthier.

I'm not sure what to add to this suggestion persay but I do think that we need more options to progress the system. I'd rather have more small boosts to it than large ones. I feel like I've been stuck and not progressing at all for the past 2 days after finishing everything I could day 1 and 2.

Yea putting walls on a battlepass is not good.

@PennilessImp749 said in Stars earned for Mission Pass:

Yea putting walls on a battlepass is not good.

I agree with this 100%. Some days I can put tons of time in-- other days, I don't really have any to play and it sucks to be completely curbed progress-wise because of walls and limits for how much I can do each day.