95% chance affix failed

Hi, i am sorry to bother you, but it happened to me something really bad.The 95% chance affix FAILED.HOW is this possible? I am just unlucky or it is a bug? What happened ? I am so dissapointed from the game at the moment....

that 5% chance of failure is still there, it sucks but that's RNG

I have never failed something with less than 70%,this is the first time and it makes me wonder, wtf is going on? I am unlucky or it is something wrong with the success rates in this game.I dont accept that i succed in 40% and fail at 95% ,its bad for the game and the players!!!!

that's just RNG, sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're not, I've had 2 95% fail simultaneously while upslotting stuff, it happens, just take the result and try again

Yea 5% fail chance , i dont accept it, its bad for the game and the players!!!

@Kratao-Vazelini 95 out of 100 players would disagree.

If it ain't 100%, it can fail

I have had a 98% chance of success turn into an epic fail in another game, as long as there is still that failure chance it can still happen.

On average with 1 affix having a 95% chance of success is 19 successes out of 20 successful attempts. Just because the rate is high doesn't mean it can't fail. I did a upslot today with 6, 95% affixes and was worried one of them would have failed. Just try again! Try to always get 100%! There's a affix (that has to be on the base item) augment guidance which adds a 5% affix chance. Try not to do really risky affixes that you can't afford to fail unless it's just not possible otherwise.

This would have been a bug if you failed with 100% though (it has happened on the jp version of the game a year or 2 before NA released when augment guidance was first implemented in the game), but that has long been since fixed.

@Kratao-Vazelini said in 95% chance affix failed:

Yea 5% fail chance , i dont accept it, its bad for the game and the players!!!

It is bad for the player. RNG is BS, as i'm sure we all know, but game developers love it for the ease and convenience. If it ain't 100%, it will fail eventually. It's why i won't bother affixing anything. Too much of a pain.

lol I upslot units sometimes from 4 to 5 which with the same item boost gets me a 99% rate outside of boost week, guess what has happened more than once?