I'm pretty late on this, however today I didn't receive my 269: Impromptu Tea Party emote despite fulfilling the enhancement campaign for this... or so I thought.


We had an affix boost period from 25th November to 9th December, however for some reason, only affixing done between the 2nd December and 9th December counted towards this campaign.

I think this is a bit cheeky -- many people did their affixing and upgrades in the first week of the boost (myself included), and didn't bother doing anymore in the 2nd week, assuming the campaign would simply be during the entire boost period, as that would be intuitive and make sense.

I would suggest backdating the campaign to the start of the boost period if possible, so people can receive the rewards from it even if they did their upgrades from Nov 25 to Dec 2.

Yes, it's my fault for not reading too much into the campaign dates and forgetting about it, but I think it's also slightly misleading(? this is the wrong word) to only do an extra campaign during a boost period for the 2nd half of it only.

Thanks in advance!