Consider discounting expansions soon

The JP servers' AC sales are often discounts, either on individual purchases or as bundles of two regular AC purchases but at a lower price than the combined price of the bundle. Often they also add bonus items in addition to that lower price.

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Global AC Shop sales which tend to run through the first 3 days of each month tend to lump together two usually unrelated AC shop purchases at the direct price of both and then just slap on a couple Tokyo Gold keys. Global has never offered Inventory Expansion (10) or Character Storage Expansion (50) at a discounted price.

Back in June through August I agreed with that strategy, saying it would be too soon to devalue those purchase options during a sale, as that would make the sale prices be the new baseline in players' minds and instead of potentially buying them off-sale they'd just wait until the next time they are discounted to that price.

But the next AC sale is likely to be at the start of February, half a year on from that. NGS is coming, everyone is being hyped up for the engine update that was originally planned to be part of NGS itself in February, and NGS itself is said to be arriving by Spring - which PC players have unpleasant memories of knowing can mean late May, true, but that's still only 4 months away now.

NGS has been said not to use PSO2 inventory or storage. There will likely come a time when players just won't care about the size of their PSO2 inventory or storage. The opportunity to have anyone to sell these expansions to is disappearing, so it is probably good time to consider discounting them for the players who might still take up those discounts.

Alternatively if NGS is going to take over all item space consideration (e.g. if PSO2 Mission Pass will be migrated to NGS or replaced by a different form of NGS reward system) it may be worth simply permanently discounting the AC shop purchases that only affect the PSO2 side once it is officially switched over to Long-Term Support mode.

I've been wanting them to do this since the beginning, please SEGA offer actual discounts. PSO2 JP seems to do sales more often than here, and has even, at times, discounted 30-Day Premium to 1,000 AC. Though, I'm mostly interested in the above sets at that, or lower, prices, maybe even remove the purchase limit since we 'missed' so many (I know it won't happen). They also had a campaign with 30 days of Free AC Scratch Tickets, though since they've been removed, maybe just give 200 AC per day for 30 days. I wish it were a regular feature of the game, to be able to earn free AC Scratch plays via gameplay, possibly every few hours, like other games with lootboxes, and that's coming from someone who's spent like $250 on this game.

Since posting this topic it's been revealed that character storage and their expansions will be shared with NGS so that part of the topic is no longer such an immediate concern as those expansion purchases will remain relevant for a long time to come.

That narrows the scope of the suggestion to PSO2 inventory expansions then, since that won't carry over to NGS. A discount on the convenience either temporarily on Global so players can have a little more comfortable time with what's left of Episode 6 or permanently following the release of NGS to breathe a little more life into that as a revenue source would be a good idea.

Additionally giving players cheaper access to larger inventories in base PSO2 might get them used to the convenience it brings and make them more likely to want to buy the non-discounted NGS version that'll probably exist afterwards.