Error 953: purchase has been withheld due to an error

Happened to me too.

I was browsing my classes at the class counter, suddenly a message of "Purchase has been withheld due to an error. [No. 953]" appeared near the bottom of the screen for about a second and disappeared. It was too fast that I couldn't take a screenshot, but I could capture a video clip. Will upload the clip if there was a request from the GMs.

My recent purchases were, 30 days premium on 18th, material storage 30 days on yesterday, fresh find items Autumn Leaf Hairpin: Blue and Autumn Leaf Studs: Gold several hours ago, if I remember right.

Yeah, support got back to me but asked for screenshots or video and specific time/activity at the time of occurence which I was unable to provide at present.

@Shine yeah, I submitted a ticket when I posted this too and got somewhat of a response today basically just asking me to explain in further detail what happened. No response past that yet though, so we'll see

This just happened to me when I was taking my furniture out of my alliance storage

I just had this error pop up randomly while walking across my personal quarters?

Not even clicking on anything, I had been AFK in the room for an hour or so... I just walked across the room toward the door, and it popped this error as I was moving onto the balcony area.

Just had this popup in the middle of an Urgent Quest. Last purchase was about a week ago, which went through properly.

So today I attempted to purchase the Episode 6 pack again using a different payment source but still on the xbox store, and this time it went through. When I switched back to game, I had received the 2000 AC that I had previously bought and I also received the episode 6 pack that I just purchased. So that means that I have received everything that I have actually been charged for. However, I am still getting the same error code (953) every 30 seconds.

Yeah, I've been hoping to see if there was some common thread for each time the alert pops up, but there doesn't appear to be anything.

@Pariah-Chan said in Error 953: purchase has been withheld due to an error:

On Xbox, saw this error pop up during a divide quest. Can someone look into this please?

Yes I got this during divide quests as well. It could be some loot that was supposed to belong to you was not implemented yet? But that's just my guess.

If that's the case, hopefully we got compensated for that, but I doubt it.

Desktop Screenshot 2021.01.26 - (2).png i've gotten this error several times, pretty much randomly. (usually days or weeks apart)

sometimes im AFK, and tabbed out like in this screen shot. & once i was finishing up a mission and noticed them appearing in my chat log.

the first time i remember it appearing was a week or 2 after purchasing the Sonic Pack (2) [which i purchased only a few days prior to that promotion's ending.]

i have also purchased AC since then, (& aside for it not being instant like my previous purchases were) i received my AC alright.

Currently using the MS version (altho im still running the tweaker no ms install from last year, which has been running smooth without issue)

It seems like what we all have in common is that we bought the episode 6 pack.

I bought mine yesterday with no issues, I didn't get this error message.

Today I bought 3000 AC to do some scratch and about 6 hours later while I was in the salon, I started getting this pop up every 30 seconds.

I relogged after that and it seems that it isn't popping up anymore.

@Sayyum said in Error 953: purchase has been withheld due to an error:

It seems like what we all have in common is that we bought the episode 6 pack.

I relogged after that and it seems that it isn't popping up anymore.

what episode 6 pack? i've had this error occurring for my game since the end of episode 5.. & idk didnt read everyone saying they purchased the same thing.. feels kinda misleading, would love to find what is causing this bug, but asserting that we "all have one thing in common" could stifle the progress of finding the bug's actually root cause, when the assertion doesnt seem to be based on facts.

glad yours is fixed btw but naw, i've had this intermittently pop up for at least 2 months, relogging hasn't changed things for me.

Several of us (including me) have said we haven't made any purchases, but none of us have said that we got the error when on Steam (I'm a MS PC player). Maybe it's a MS store/account issue. 🤔 Any Steam players get this error?

Receiving this error on Xbox One, haven't purchased the EP6 deluxe pack. Actually, it's this very error which makes me holding back the purchase of the set 😢

@Fiona-Respha I got the errors as well but I loged out (Xbox one) and loged back in and got my purchase the error popped up once more then stoped