Error 953: purchase has been withheld due to an error

Tried to purchase the new episode 6 pack and it didn't go through, tried to buy 3000 ac pack and it didn't go through, bought the 1000 ac pack and it says it went through and charged me, but hasn't delivered the ac and now about every 30 seconds I get an error message popping up stating error 953: purchase has been withheld due to an error. Tried restarting the game twice and still the same issues.

Are you on Steam, MS Store or XBOX One? If it is Steam, you might have to wait 48 hours.

I got this error today as well, but I hadn't purchased anything as of yet. I'm playing on the MS Store version.

The worst part is that the error message pops up literally every 30 seconds. Super frustrating

Just had the same error message pop up on Xbox. I purchased the ep 6 premium pack yesterday but only just saw error 953.

Just got the same Error 953 message on Xbox. Haven't bought anything either.

I've also had this error a few minutes ago and I hadn't purchased anything. I'm on the MS store version.

Also just received this error. I was in my personal shop and thought it might have to do with that, so I came here and found this thread. Watching intently...

Just tried buying another 1000 AC to see if it would go through, and it says the purchase was complete and it charged my card, but I got nothing in game so I'm up to 2000 AC that I'm out

I got this message too, but haven't purchased anything.....Im on the Xbox Version. Something is just a WEEEEE bit sketchy

@iliveanddie In your particular case I'd contact the support staff via the ticket function if you still havn't received your AC after verifying whether or not your transactions are being debited.

I've submitted a general ticket as it appears to be something of a wide-spread issue, a lot of people I've asked have seen the message at least once (I personally saw it for a 2nd time earlier today), though having checked my transaction history with both my payment provider and bank I have no reason to suspect that it's anything more than an annoying bug, or that my account is compromised in some way. I'll report back if/when I get a ticket response but I'm currently erring on this being yet another bug that SEGA introduced with maintenance.

On Xbox, saw this error pop up during a divide quest. Can someone look into this please?

I also have received this message, and have not gone to purchase anything. I'm just going to say it is a bug. PSO is pretty good at fixing those.

Haha, seems I'm not the only one who got this pop up. I was taking RWB1 from my storage through the Badge trade shop when suddenly the message appeared. I was thinking it had to do with something I put on my shop since I was moving things around and changing prices (thought the game was thinking of me as a bot), but after reading the other posts on this thread now I'm not so sure. For the record I'm also an Xbox player too.

I just hope this doesn't mean that I'll get banned.