No Legs Rivalate Unit...

So, I did Death, Destroyer of Worlds 6 times, got Glauben Ehre to certify that, but no Rivalate Legs Unit.2f84c600-eff0-4cff-b422-615ea2ea2060-image.png 32d5a18a-ff20-49d3-8dd3-37a05730d694-image.png

SEGA... you got to be kidding me with the 4-man not counting towards this. (Not to mention the punch in the face with the rarity drops from it on UH, but I got another thread for that.)

Wait, so did you run it 6 times and not get it? Is odd the other campaign for the quest counts the triggers.

@RikaPSO You can't do the 4 man for the units, for whatever strange reason the team came up with. So, I got the camo on that run, but I had to do the 8 man to make up for it.