Low Rarity Drops for UH Death, Destroyer of Worlds

So, me and my friends just did the 4 man UH for this and... we were getting the lowest rarity drops even with boosters and tree buff. I managed to get a single 10 star to drop, anyone else running into this?

Most likely it drops ex-cubes directly instead of 10* weapons (some UH content does that).

@Ezodagrom Unfortunately not really. I only got 1 10 star to drop, the rest were 9 and lower.

@ZarexWolf I think Ezodagrom was referring to the fact that some UH urgents (e.g., the Christmas UQ) give you Ex-cubes directly as opposed to a weapon you can break down into cubes. And if you have material storage they'll get deposited there so sometimes you don't even notice getting them.

@Rang-Dipkin Exactly. Checked a video quickly (I haven't had time to run it myself yet), it drops ex-cubes directly (close to 10 of them) and also rising weapon badges 5.

@Ezodagrom Ah, apologies then