When Will Units Get Soul Receptor?

Soul Receptor (released in early EP3) will be an extremely important piece for making the upcoming end-game unit affix possible and we still do not have it. We currently only have weapons and they are obtainable from the CM miles shop. The easiest fix for this would be to just add units that are pre-affixed with Soul Receptor into the shop and call it a day. This would also revive CM and make it relevant again, so it's a win-win IMO.

Anyone concerned about the exclusion of SR units should ask about it where ever possible (tweets, twitch chat, player survey, etc). I fear that it might have been forgotten completely.

Thank you.

I made a topic in the suggestions forum in September on this, I guess I'll bump it. No one at Sega replied to it. At this rate we're just going to get add astral soul and and add aether factor and never get these affixes on units. Guess it's just not important to Sega. 😞 I guess the suggestion forum doesn't actually do anything. They are giving us add factor catalyst tomorrow which is... something (though all that is for is to give a source of something not really run anymore).

Yeah I saw that thread of yours a while back via Google. I hope that if we make enough noise about it, the global staff will eventually mention it to the dev team.



I think they wish PSO2es didn't exist at this point. Have they added anything from PSO2es since like EP3?

@HarmlessSyan said in When Will Units Get Soul Receptor?:

I think they wish PSO2es didn't exist at this point. Have they added anything from PSO2es since like EP3?

The last thing they added was the "Occuld" series (をクルド) via the Thanksgiving UQ. Before that, it's what you already know of-- es 13* NTs of old EP 2&3 11-12*s in the UWB shop and the Sigma series. I might be forgetting a thing or two there, but yeah.

We're still missing so much. Including the important PA stuff like Helen Bathina (γ‚¨γƒ¬γƒŒγƒγƒ†γ‚£γƒŠ), Noridonique (γƒŽγƒ«γƒͺドニーク), etc.

Sucks. I wish they just gave us PSO2es.

Personally, I don't want PSO2es XD. Maybe a new game-mode would be nice or add them to the Divide Medal Shop πŸ˜„ But most likely, it will be in an SG scratch or AC scratch... At 75 pulls.

Bump. Please SEGA.

I'd day wait until the next upcoming maintenance to see what they add as they stated they were adding more on stream. So hopefully this issue is resolved then.

There's also weapons with soul receptor saf in unique badge shop. It'd be great if we got soul receptor for units though.