Effects of the Limited Time Recycle Badge Shop on the Economy


When I saw the announcement for the newly planned AC swap shop, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Give out some good augment capsules for the AC badges people have been storing forever; seems good. But, I failed to realized the impact that it would have on the overall player market until I logged in to look for more fashion to purchase, and then it donned on me. With this one single announcement, the Global team has universally raised the price of all AC items to a standard (ship 3 is about 940k). This seems fine for people selling AC items, but as far as people seeking out items at a fair price, the fair price is now whatever the badge costs.

I was a little upset about this, personally. I liked the fact that I could find cheap cast parts, or male outfit items that nobody wanted, and work them into an outfit that I liked. Now I can't do this without spending at least twice (or in some cases, more) as much meseta. I also was a little upset about the fact that the supply of these lower cost items, is now much less (unless most people on the market were price adjusting the moment this announcement came out), so in the event that prices start going back down once the temp shop leaves, they will still be much higher than they were (at least for tickets that are no longer running). I'm hoping the prices normalize after the shop goes away, but I don't know by how much, or if they even will at all.

What are your thoughts on this?

Hmm i feel like this could have any number of effects. Since the majority of meseta is in the hands of a small subset of extremely rich players (pretty much how almost all economies in games and irl end up being) its hard to know exactly how this is gonna impact normal players. On one hand we could see a soft reset on the economy before Elder farming was abused by a lot of meseta being purged from the market into usable items from an influx of player spending AC items/badges. So all of that taxed meseta get thrown into the void. Or itll just be the exceedingly rich scalpers just buying everything and doing a massive mark up on items just because they have the ability to abuse the market endlessly knowing people will be desperate to get the swap shop items before they go away and the tax just doesnt do anything while prices just keep going up.

Basically i have no clue lol.

Doesn't matter that much; the popular fashion (well over 3mil, will retain the price), plus if no F2P are buying AC badges as often, the price will drop back as we get more AC scratches later as usual; only people buying are speculators and resellers (they don't actually know what they are doing most the time). Try and make some friends or ask on Discord any active community for items you're looking to get cheaper! (that work IRL or find an alliance that's active); in most alliances, I have been in and as well as in mine; when we AC pull, we always sell to each other or gift each other AC items we look for or want (if you're in a group that is all F2P, well time to make new friends or grind what's good for Meseta). When I started playing, I found some random people to play with by just saying; Hi and using the FORD technique for conversations and that's how it is! It's not 100% for everyone, but it's fun to have friends in an MMO even though you don't know them IRL.

Furthermore, I can't say for your experience but it does exist. Also, don't worry too much about it, and do not FOMO (Fear of missing out). Prices will stabilize or drop (IMO there is TOO MUCH supply and very low demand), but NGS is coming so don't worry too much about PSO2 fashion. As a suggestion, If you really did only care 100% about fashion, you can play other games that are meant for fashion... Or another hobby? I own a smart doll, and it's equally a fun community.

A possible solution for Meseta or the debacle on AC fashion rising is that it can't really be helped; just wait out the storm and if enough people are not buying anything because the average player cannot afford it; the prices will fall back down as quickly as it rose.

The rising price does also upset me, but at least even AC scratchers now have some incentive to scratch since even trash is "worth" 1mil. Prices are made when there is a seller and a buyer willing to pay at that price. All is my opinion and I don't know anything.

@Xaiyeon I mean, it's not that I have NO meseta. I usually float around 100 million, but when most of the available fashion options suddenly double in price because of a mostly unrelated cause, I don't really wanna have to fork over more money just because everyone wants skydance support. Why wouldn't I want to accumulate fashion stuff in the game when all of it is usable in New Genesis. That's pretty much the only reason I actually care about still aquiring any of it. Also, supply for items no longer in circulation can't suddenly normalize the curve, unless we get more throwback scratch tickets (all items are equally desirable as nothing more than recycle badges).

I'm not gonna pretend this is the end of the world, I just wanted to know people's thoughts on if they think we will suddenly be spending a lot more meseta on stuff as a result of this mass purge of cheaper cosmetics.

Also, what the heck kinda advice is telling me to go play something else if I care about fashion. I'm trying to discuss an important topic for a game I enjoy playing and want to keep playing while simultaneously enjoying the idea of making my character look how I want.

@Vilrein It was a friendly suggestion; I don't understand why you made a topic about this then and can't handle feedback maturely.

Explain how it was "dismissive and ultimately unconstructive." You're taking my opinion too personally. PMed

Miscommunication; reworded post

@Xaiyeon Most of what you were saying was dismissive and ultimately unconstructive. Maybe I mistunderstood what you are trying to say, but I don't think my "maturity" is a concern here.

Edit: Misunderstanding, all good now.

Surprised there isn't more of this. I think this is going to be something that will get fashion players to stop playing.

Not just AC items directly, but people who are hard-pressed to afford the high demand of SG that Global has (thanks Fresh Finds) may lose the option of getting SG from outfits.

As things stand AC outerwear and outfits can sometimes be bought for 525k meseta, worn for their SG, and then sold back individually for a reduced loss or converted to a recycle badge for around a 50k loss. This means over about a week 1 million meseta can be converted to about 200 SG which is somewhat affordable to some of us desperate for SG.

But if recycle badges are going to increase the base price of all AC items to say a million, I half-expect the markup of outfits with SG will increase to be more than 50k on top of this. Even if it only goes up to 1.1 million, that changes the dynamic to only give 100 SG per million meseta.

It is an if though. It could be that SG outfits are suddenly almost the same price as recycle badges and the dynamic dramatically improves. But the balance it previously had was something I was content enough with that I'm pretty worried that the boat is being rocked.


Another doll collector! Sorry couldn’t resist. I don’t own Smart Dolls but I collect Volks Super Dollfies, it’s an equally fun hobby but ahhh...I think this game is a lot cheaper.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting this so soon, but I would wait a week and see what happens. A ton of people knew this would eventually come to global, and would kill the recycle badge prices. I do think people are panic buying like crazy right now though, and so the people with a ton fo badges are making bank.


Considering how easy it is to passively earn a few mill just by playing on top of running your weeklies I very much doubt that. Prices would've been absurd for them months ago if it was going to have any impact on them.

I personally haven’t felt the effects since I bought the only outfit I wanted from this scratch for just over 1 million meseta earlier but won’t deny such an issue is happening.

@YagyuChan said in Effects of the Limited Time Recycle Badge Shop on the Economy:

I personally haven’t felt the effects since I bought the only outfit I wanted from this scratch for just over 1 million meseta earlier but won’t deny such an issue is happening.

Oh what’d you get? I only wanted one outfit from the scratch too and got it for a good price. I haven’t had time to check the normally cheap stuff though.

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I'm slightly annoyed that I have to use more meseta for the appearance's of my alts but even then I usually only give them mission pass stuff. In the end the minimum price for my main character cosmetics won't change much. Accessories, eyes, make ups, hairs, emotes, basewears and outerwears that I like are mostly1mil+ meseta anyway ( I say mostly but honestly no cool item nowadays is less than 1 mil. I remember seeing combat jackets selling for 50k back when the Microsoft version launched on PC but that is long gone).