Top XXXX number of players on a big screen

Just add something that mobile game love to do: Each week there will be a set of random bosses with selected side effect(I.e ranged dmg reduction, or melee dmg reduction, or aerial damage boost etc). Player can beat them in any order, and receive score based on the performance (I.e. damage received, clear time) . Total scores are added and top 100 players rank are displayed in the lobby. Award should be given by tier rank to encourage more players to play: ex: top 100 players get 100 SG, top 2% player gets 80SG, top 10% gets 60SG, top 40% gets 50 SG, and reset get 40SG for participation.

@Yui2387 I don't think the gear is a big factor in the damage though.

Yes, there are people using 13* or some low 14* weapons and un-affixed units, but those are people who will probably not care about getting good or they are just starting and need some time.

Most of the players lack experience mostly due to us having only 1 year of gameplay to adapt and learn about the class (There might be some people who played for 5 or 8 years on the JP servers but that's the minority)

In regards to the the community focusing on the negative aspects of the dps meters... Yes, I believe it's more focused on the social aspect for some reason... I have no clue why but apparently it feels that way.

I came to realize that the only way to enjoy the game personally is soloing or playing casually and do something like fighting games (like KOF) or offline games like DMC or monster hunter to look for what I want.

PSO2 is a great game but after reading many opinions, I don't think it's one for me to be focusing on a lot.

@Ash-Lv1 no, there don't need to be more participation trophy/prizes, these never encourage players to get better. If you are looking for weekly ranking there's time attack weekly rankings, it only shows the top 20 but you get rewarded for top 100.

All the campaign that been handing out free stuff are basically participation prizes, do 5 featured quest, run certain quest x times on any difficulty, never pushes players to try harder content.

Perhaps having more difficult campaigns would give the devs a better idea of the average player skill on global server, whether they are as bad as people making them out to be. Some examples can be


1- Solo PD

2- Solo Mother + Deus

3- Extreme Quest Madness and Phantasms

4- Time Attack Dark Vestiges on UH

5- Ultimate Quest Ship Infiltration Enemy Battleship

Or there's also the current running....


1 & 2 - just urgent quests so whatever....

3 - Ultimate Quest Solo Sodam

4 & 5 - Divide Quest, 31-35 being the highest steps.