Arkuma Slots- Rigged or simply no actual pattern?

I've never seen 2 different guides to this game have anything in common or provide actually legible data. If someone can explain in english a way that actually works to increase chances of not losing everything and still making 1.5 to 2k coins from it more than 50% of the time, be my guest, but I doubt they can given the nature of this bull****

There is no pattern. It is all completely random and you have no control over the results of each stage.

It's confusing then how many people claim theres some way to game the system to get significantly higher success rates based on how they wrote the code.

The claims make sense, but theres no evidence I've seen to actually support the idea anyone has truly figured it out.

Gambler's fallacy. shrug

All I know is that machine hates me.

Hmm. I need to check these forums more often. Anyway...

I actually have Google "roll dice" to determine which I pick, and to be frank I still see enough big wins to pay for the day's gambling session with a profit most of the time. The real trick seems to be betting on a 4 or 3 Falspawn choice, and cashing in without betting when faced with a 2 Falspawn choice. So that's what I do. I keep playing until I see that 2 Falspawn choice, and cash in at that moment. It's that simple.