Alliance ranking what’s the point?

As the title reads what are the advantages of the ranking system within an alliance. I was recently asked to figure this out and there is no definitive answer let alone anyone actually touching the subject.

If anyone can shed some light on this that would be amazing and I’d be will to make and actual alliance post about it all!

Thank you!

To have more publicity of your alliance... You can get a alliance trophy if you rank top 10. That's it.

If you were talking about the ranks in alliances... Well, you have the Leader, the managers, the members, and the people who's just recently joined the alliance.

The leader, managers, and members does exactly what you'd think they'd do like in every other game. The only difference is that the initial role that's given compared to a "member" is that they can't access the alliance storage... But you can only access it if you have premium anyways.

@Reilet you rock my dude I kinda figured it wasn’t anything amazing but you never know with arpgs!