Limited Time AC Swap Shop Is Coming (Badgecoin On The Rise)

Scroll down. A lot of important stuff here. Such as: S7 Still Grace, S8 Skydance Support, S4 Steadfast Will, etc.

For possible prices, [click here] and scroll down to 限定ACリサイクルショップ (2020/09/23-2020/09/30)

What will you be buying? And how many badges did you end up investing in when they were cheap?

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Zero, because none of that stuff is appealing to me at all.

Based badgecoin chads

@Furious said in Limited Time AC Swap Shop Is Coming (Badgecoin On The Rise):

Zero, because none of that stuff is appealing to me at all.

Strange, because if Techter is your favourite class, S4: Steadfast Will is the best S4 slot for wand whacking.

Skydance Support is also fantastic for solo TE, because being able to skip casting Shifta/Deband is a big deal when trying to do better, and if the rest of the group has it too, you can SD once and then never again.

Not to mention that Augment Transfer Passes make extremely good affixes, and the capsules for the ultra affix later make it a lot easier too.

Tbh, only a few things worth it. Most of the stuff has a limit of 1. No point in buying catalyst and ect. since I could just farm them since we have inf triggers essentially. Sky dance boon should be x40 (which has a limit of 1), w steadfast another x40 along with transfer passes (1x per) (Limit is 10). Overall you should really only need around 100ish. Anything more is just really saving for future affixes or trying to sell items on the market (if they do sell).

oh man, and I just sold mine the other day 😞

They should have put some of these items in some content related exchange vendors. At least that way it would have added much needed replayability to some of the older content.


I'm cool with Wand Impact.

Isn't that hard to flick the S/D buffs during brief transitions.

Affixing can suck it.

@Furious said in Limited Time AC Swap Shop Is Coming (Badgecoin On The Rise):

Affixing can suck it.

Do you know you can transfer SGAs without needing to reaffix? Just need to pay a fee, but that will be 100% free next week.


These are S-grades, they don't follow the standard affixing rules. They can just be transferred in.

I'm aware. I'm behind on those because of limiting myself to one class. Entirely my fault, I know.

Affixing can still suck it.

I sold all of mine a long time ago, oh well 😞

@Furious has nothing to do with affixing or augment transfer passes, there is a separate option for transferring s grade augments, very simple and to the point.

The affixing system is so painfully complex. Everytime I want to upgrade a weapon, I need to sit down and map out a strategy for the process.

Guess what I don't consider fun?

I love this game and it's definitely my least favorite thing about it.

Hopefully someone who has some sense is working on the NGS upgrading system.

Y'all complaining about augments should really look at how S-Grade augments work instead of blindly complaining, it's not the same system and was basically introduced to lessen a lot of the complexity while still offering gear customization (and if anything it brings more customization than standard augments ever did). They're simple transfers as long as the weapon or unit has the slots for it, no rng, no fuss, and once you have one you can always transfer it around freely and never lose it.

If you're not at least slapping some S-Grades on your weapons you're doing yourself and others a disservice at this point, it's really not difficult or anything like normal affixing.