Menace of the Bewitched Castle: Why so dead?

It's a lot of xp, and bonus tickets arent exactly an unlimited resource. There should be other people there a lot more than 5% of the time I try and do it.

Most of the time its completely empty, forcing me to solo if I want to do it at all.

Like most things you do over and over, it's a bore. More EXP would be nice, but who wants to spend their time doing the exact same easy thing again and again? Especially since you know where the enemies spawn and oneshot them every time.

Also if you didn't know, when you join a room, you can wait for the group that possibly just started the mission to complete it so they join your room.

I've waited up to half an hour and nobody joins.

@ZeeHero9271 Shrug I guess it's too dull to do more than once. Good thing you can solo it, eh?