We ever going to see items like the Adventos costume or gas mask again? Or the mohawk ever?

I've heard the Adventos was available in an early mission pass. I've been looking to see if it ever comes back in a mission pass and I've been checking fresh finds for it. To my knowledge, we've never seen the mohawk, but I can dream. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the mission pass schedule. From what I understand, the mission pass didn't roll out in the JP server environment until later, so I don't presume we can use that as any measure of prediction. I've also been on the lookout for the half-face gas mask. I did see it once but didn't have the SG for it and haven't seen it since. Can't seem to find a pic of it anywhere.

Adventos mohawk

Edit: Found it!

Gas Mask

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Mohawk was released as a daily find once (not twice). Maybe it'll come around again in the future, hopefully.

@Yalyn oh man. HATE that I missed that. I play damn near every day but I was never able to get the Windows store version to work and had to wait for the Steam release. Just have been before my time.