Just for fun: What if PSO2 Characters were to face againts SCP Foundation entities?

Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this thread, but I'm so fascinated to know how it would turn down if PSO2 Characters were to face off against SCP entities?

Like for example, if Phaleg Ives were to face against SCP-682?

Or Gigur Gunnegam to face against SCP-096 "The shy guy"?

And Shiva Goddess of Anhinilation, sure she is very powerful character, but is she Powerfull enough to defeat any of the SCP entities in an one to one fight?

Honestly, I think Phaleg could probably fight Goku or Vegeta on even ground, so she would crush any SCP entity.

@BloodyKyona Can't compare until she actually fight something strong. It's all tell and no show. Still, when basically every creature can destroy the universe for...reasons, the fabric of space and time seem all kinds of fucked. I mean, even Nyau can cause space distortions or whatever they are called. Yeah, one doomsday event after another is pretty poor base for story telling. seems popular in games for some unfathomable reason though.

@Yggranya Perhaps, but if we're honest, isn't SCP far more ludicrous? You have to really suspend disbelief to the extreme for those stories. I could buy a Dragon Ball crossover with PSO2 before I could ever relate to or believe anything related to SCP. Like FLCL but without the fun factor.

By all curiosity lol, I curious what would happen if we throw the Guardian (Our character we play as in PSO2) into SCP-914 the Clockworks Machine on very fine setting? Very curious to know what kind of monstrosity would come out.

My theory would be that the Guardian would not longer require to change classes to use their weapons, all weapons and units receive all their augments to the max.

@BloodyKyona Well, i've never played the game(s), but can any of those creatures destroy the universe? Like, persona is going to try and destroy the universe once again, and it's not as bad as it would seem thanks to the player characters godlike power. So, wouldn't the guardian, like all dark falz, be labeled as SCP too? I read a little about containment breach, and some human surviving against all odds made them consider labeling him SCP, so it seems like a given. Some of the creatures seem pretty ridiculous indeed.

What i'm saying is: The SCP are weird, but powerful? Eh... Only thing that might work would be to attack the PSO2 characters weak, naive minds.

Do you guys have idea what if this version of SCP-049 were to face against Phaleg Ives in a duel fight in ESCA tower:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyHhVRT9MxQ&t=52s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBYNLIQozMc

Honestly, Phaleg ives should be a great patient for Plague doctor to cure the pestilence

@Charus Well, according to the comments it can pull new abilities out of thin air, so who knows. SCP seems pretty inconsistent and random, based on the creators view/mood, so whatever.

@Yggranya I suppose the real issue is that most things from the SCP Universe are beyond ridiculous. As for destroying the universe... well, Goku and Vegeta in their most powerful forms are likely universe busters at this point, yes. They never say if Phaleg is. Also, yes, both Guardians would be given SCP status. I would say one reason I'm not into that universe much is because the people who go after the SCPs are more or less bad guys themselves. It's propagation of fear. That said, I might have a crossover and have my players in Chronicles of Darkness get SCP status and have to take them on. Three Kindred (plus an Antediluvian), a Mage, a Sin-Eater. Should be fun. Back to Phaleg, though, I think she might just be capable of it as I doubt we've ever seen her full potential (or ever will).