Does Zig's shop make a large part of the game useless?


Why run anything outside of things that net you Zig materials? Why farm anything else?

Well I mean the stronger you are before obtaining those weapons from Zig the easier it is to farm the materials. There are things you do need to get outside of Zig's shop though. Like regular augments as always, and S-Grade Augments, some of which are not so common, and only available on non-tradable items. But yes for now pretty much everything leads up to perfecting the equips from Zig's shop.

There are also some non-tradable weapons that skip a step in upgrading some of Zig's weapons that can also drop from certain quests too, and some unique equips (like the vane's mask unit) that make it worth farming quests still though.

It's not really Zigs shop but their approach to progression in general. In PSO there was a lot less power creep and more meaningful utility so more content stayed relevant until the end.

For meseta or leveling I guess. I think the thing is the road all leads up to Zig either way. Then you'll keep playing beyond that.

A large part of the game is outdated in the first place.

Even when divide comes where you have to farm it nonstop to get stil mats or unlock 15* redux with, you're never gonna run other content anyways.

There are S-Grade augments to hunt for from various content that mitigate this, but not everyone cares about affixing.

Either way this has only really been an issue because of the pace global has gone through content. PSO2 still has some horizontal options and plenty of niche utility weapons to prep but most of the long term work is augment farming.

Cool, the part of the game I hate the most.

Might be time to put it down until NGS.

@konana said in Does Zig's shop make a large part of the game useless?:

Either way this has only really been an issue because of the pace global has gone through content.

No, PSO2s content progression has always been inherently vertical so the end result would have been the same regardless. Some weapons tried to offer some versatility but they either got nerfed into obscurity, got "turned into an S grade augment" or were never viable to begin with. They had some good ideas which almost always failed to actually work, not because they couldn't work but because SEGA never made them work. In some cases they even went out of their way to ensure that this was going to be the case. What little actualy useful utility there is is nothing in comparison to what the original PSO had to offer.

Croesus and Millionaire are stronger and easier.

are they really tho? i mean most people run tht wep without any s grades and it makes me wonder if it rly is tht good?

It was the answer to the traditional drop system. Run one quest until you get a lucky drop. Currency based progression isn't the most fun but it's less frustrating than running quests without getting anything.

There are better ways to do gear progression, but it's probably not here nor is it gonna be in NGS.

@pogchampXD Until we get divide quests to farm Redux Potentials yeah Croesus/Millionaire are slightly better than Atlas/Trailblazer. Their potential description doesnt mention that they have a 15% potency increase alongside all the other stuff, while Atlas and Trailblazer only has 10% increase. Once you get their Redux Potential, Atlas and Trailblazer will be stronger than Croesus/Millionaire (their potency increase goes from 10% to 17-18%). Atlas also has S4 so you could get something useful like life steal and Trailblazer has the potential to recover all your PP once in a while. Rivalate is still stronger than Croesus/Millionaire tho.

@Furious I'm curious what content you think Zig renders useless. I say simply do what you enjoy with the game to the best of your ability.

Nearly everything that doesn't drop materials for his gear?

@Furious As others have mentioned, your issue seems to be less with the existence of Zig's shop and more with the verticality of gear progression inherent in the game's design (+ the complexity of the affixing system).

For example, were things any better when Nemesis/Raven + Ray units were BiS for pretty much all classes? Or did you feel like their existence made farming anything other than Ultimates "useless"?

Maybe this really boils down to a debate over the game's decision to focus on DPS regardless of class. Everybody seeking damage limits the min/max design space and funnels endgame players into whatever content drops the current DPS king? Or maybe the focus on DPS isn't a problem and it's rather the decision to make new weapons mostly just stronger "stat sticks"? Ryoga mentioned how they tried making some gameplay altering 14 stars, so if they kept going down that route maybe there'd be a wider variety of gear to chase across a wider variety of content? Augments serve this function now, but the complexity of the system discourages folks from farming those as frequently as Zig's materials, Rising Weapon Badges, and Collection Folders.