Been in the Hospital for nearly a month, how is trading between Premium players still not working?

One of the advertised features of Premium is trading with other Premium players, and both me and my wife pays for it so we can trade and give each other gifts.

I get that people have been exploiting, hitting, duping or whatever with this somehow, but it’s been disabled for a long time now, without any sort of update, and as a paying/premium player I feel kinda ignored.

Sure there are ways to trade some items still, but that’s annoying, time consuming and not what I’m paying for.

I’m not even sure how they could compensate Premium players for this, a random Tri 100% isn’t going to make it better by having a paid feature disabled for weeks. Maybe some extension to current Premium users or something idk.

It’s mainly the silence and being ignored that annoys me, I don’t like bots or hackers either, but it feels wrong to suffer while paying for a feature that doesn’t work.

@ShirOwO I'm glad to hear you're out of the hospital and wishing you all the best in your recovery! As for trading being down, you're not alone in your frustration and may find the responses in this thread representative of the different opinions on the forum.

Welcome back! I hope you’re doing better. That’s the reason my husband and I paid for premium, too. We let our service drop, no point wasting money.

Yeah, the lack of communication is certainly a problem.

I believe SEGA is trying to slow down/stop the PN# sellers from transfering their illegitimate AC scratch items (from credit card fraud I think) between throwaway accounts to avoid losing it all in a ban. Although the throwaway PN# accounts now just do their daily xfers through the player shop and eat the tax. Pointless change imo.

Possible they are waiting for the big update to come first before working on that. Luckily I realize that trading isn't something I rely on and I use a majority of premium features so I'll still be going premium. Thing is, I have a bunch of premium tickets I've bought from some time ago so I'll be using that instead of paying for now.