Fo/tech build that with become etoile

Hello everyone need help with build for my fo/tech she is lvl 63 and tech 42 I believe and want to make her into etoile once hit 75 for both. I've seen some builds from years ago not sure how accurate they are and mag full tech dmg based not sure that is right too nor do I know what etoile focuses on. As far as my skill tree I followed video for some of those for rod weap. Not sure which is best weapon either talis, wand or rod. Any kind of help for build would be appreciated as well as what techs best for use or set up i play on Xbox but do have keyboard if necessary to build palette with techs

Etoile is melee and cannot use techs, but if you do have a full tech damage mag, that's fine, Etoile will convert it to melee, tech, and ranged. Etoile does not use subclass, so skill tree on Force or Techter are irrelevant to it. Etoile uses wand, Phantom uses rod, Hero uses talis.

^ What Calvina said

However, you could try out jetboots on Bouncer if you want the similar floaty combat feel and you would be able to use your techs. If you use Stealthing camo you don’t have to see the shoes so you’re just floating, jetboots was a very easy transition into Etoile for me so it might be fun for you.

Phantom can also use techs and you have a rod option, you’re just not floaty.

If you’re talking about using Etoile as a sub for your force this guide will help you. Has gameplay tips in general and a section for Etoile sub

If you’re talking about going Etoile main.

Okay thank you guys for the responses seems etoile will be fun once I get there heard soaring blades was best but not sure. I have played bouncer it is a fun class not done yet but working on build. I do have a phantom char lvl 95 used mainly rifle and katana with full dex mag I do love phantom though just wanted to try etoile with my fo/tech. Working towards hero also on another I know I could do one char but I'm one of those who make more characters lol. Thank you ten for the videos ill be checking those out

@Kyra Just to be clear for Etoile wands are best for mobbing, soaring blades are best for bossing, and double sabers are your all rounders.

Okay I will keep that in mind. Thank you NotwhoUthink