AIS help with controller

I'm hoping someone can give me a quick tip. I play on both PC and Xbox so I mainly use controller for consistency on both platforms.

I just played the fleet UQ final stage where you're in an AIS the entire time. It was terrible. I barely contributed because I couldn't figure out how to fly up without highlighting the up icon on the bar and clicking it every time.

I figured out how to go down with RB, but what controller button is up?

For some reason, I'm awful at this game's flying machines which is funny because I'm pretty good at it in lots of other games. I'm terrible at ridroid flying too and usually just barely get to where I want to go before jumping off and running the rest of the way!


Also, in case I never get the hang of it, is there any penalty for bailing when I see the room full of AIS in the waiting room and trying for the other third stage that I actually enjoy?

@Natty-Boh-man I believe that going up is mapped to the "A" button.

And unfortunately, if the final stage is the AIS one it'll be that for every instance on your ship for that UQ so there's no avoiding it 😕

However, if you go to Practice Mode they have a tutorial with the new AIS so you can practice flying around stress free. And if there's too much going on you can always hang back and just shoot the homing missiles (LT + X iirc) which will help and not be as hectic as slashing. For the final boss you can also hang back and just "counter" his attacks by holding your shield (LT + Y iirc) whenever he shoots at you (main attack has a big tell where a circle forms around him) and then just refilling your PP with the basic attack (X) so you can shield again.

@Rang-Dipkin Thanks. I'm getting the hang of it now!