Lookbook stats reset.

So I've been using my main as my lookbook character since I started playing. Has anyone experienced an issue where the whole count resets when you switch to using a second character in the lookbook? Or at the very least, if this is an intentional feature, where count is separate for each character, does anyone know if it still holds the previous like count, and add the new count to it for the star gem related reward? I'd be pretty upset of I just screwed myself out of a title and by extension its reward, because I simply wanted to share another characters look.

Lookbook stats are per character and they are saved per character, even when switched out.

Yeah as AndrlCh said, I'm pretty sure it's intentional, because every character I've used has their own lookbook numbers.

Yep it’s per character, my alt is more popular than my main so I switch pretty regularly.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Going to be honest, I was a bit worried there for a bit. Thanks for the info.