I just recently looked at the new information about NGS and, it just seems odd that the skeletons for that game for PSO2 stuff won't be able to work together like the CAST parts mixing and matching with say... PSO2's Criminal body and legs, with a head and arms from an NGS set due to the skeletons conflicting with each other. I get that this is a lot to ask, but.. It kind of feels like we're being robbed of how much money we spent only for it to be neglected with the new game where the fingers won't move if we use a PSO2 outfit/parts or body paints from NGS won't show up on PSO2 skeletons. Maybe if there are scratches for NGS that revive certain PSO2 outfits and parts, why not let there be 2 types of skeletons that will work depending on which game you're playing? Unless someone has a better idea.