Reset skill tree pass

So i been trying to build my talent tree but i alrdy messed up a few bits, since this is my first characters, i wanted to make a few adjustements but i heard reset skill tree passes only come from when major content updates show up, so if we make a mistake on our skill trees, we suposed to stay like that forever Oo, why cant we purchase it from the shop... i mean its a god danm skill tree that adjusts your characters power, why dont we have flexibility to change it... i have never obtained a pass before, is there a way to get 1 for a 1st time character ?

No, but you can purchase an extra skill tree for the class. Also, you should make your other 2 free chars so that when they do give out the skill tree reset pass, you'll get 3 of them one for each char. You obtain them via the visophone after maintenance from one of the major updates.

Yea i will do that, i do not need to level them up rtight just need to have them around :o?

and BTW, would make more sense to sell the ticket rather then having to buy another tree, but i see how both options are a good life quality, its just reset tree shouldn't be behind anything related to paywalls or specific game erm moments like major updates, well i'll live with it i guess y.y! ty vm for reply!

@uaguiaru They did at one point sell single Skill Tree resets, but they cost 1000AC (double the cost of an additional Skill Tree), but they eventually removed them and replaced them with a slightly more convoluted, but "free"-ish, option, though it does still require the purchase of an additional Skill Tree first.

Now, after you buy an additional Skill Tree, you can reset it using SG by using the Move Skill Tree option; each move is 100SG, which you can earn for free, or buy directly.

I see, my problem will be i dont like to see that extra tree there looks ugly and just lazy, i mean restarting the skill tree should be something they should allow regardless wether is from shop or other means, if it was expensive just lower the price of it from 1k to like 400 or 500, i dunno, SEGA never made any sense tbh, that's why they are not their games never really go far, their decisions are clumsy and painfully senseless, which is a shame they have potential, just wasted, regardless self opinion anyway, apreciated for the infos all! ❤

@uaguiaru said in Reset skill tree pass:

Yea i will do that, i do not need to level them up rtight just need to have them around :o?

No, you don't need to lv them up just have them there. When it comes around just use them to get the skill tree reset from the visophine. And if you like you can use them to earn meseta from the weekly Arks Mission if you get them to lv 50 - Get 200,000 mesta from orders and receive 1M meseta ark weekly mission.