Tree is wilting

Hello, I wandered away from the game for a bit and upon returning I noticed my alliance tree is "wilting", I gave it the max water and it has not revived. What do I need to do to fix this? I tried searching a bit and couldn't find anything.

@J-Kitty Hmm, that's curious and unfortunately I couldn't find much while searching either 😕 Possible explanations that come to mind:

  • Even though you filled it to max, if your alliance didn't have much AP saved since your last login it may not have been enough to actually max out the tree. It looks like the tree can hold 60,000 AP, so when you filled it to the brim was your investment close to 60k? On the other hand, if the tree starts out healthy with only 20k AP, then it shouldn't look wilted until you fall pretty far below that number...

  • Alternatively, if you're getting the right boosts when using the tree, maybe it's just a visual bug? Our tree had a different bug awhile back but, whenever we upgraded the tree, the buffs we upgraded would get fixed. So maybe the visual will reset after your next upgrade?

Sorry for not having better suggestions!