Dark Flow

Can we please get a Dark Flow weapon camo? 😧

Pretty please!

@Zymran can we get a "hell yeah!"?

as much as i LOVE my flowens sword skin... dark flow would be the NUTS!


@Redex said in Dark Flow:


alt text

It's also part of a weapon series so if they ever make this into a camo it should probably be a multi camo for Sword, Launcher (Dark Meteor):

alt text

and rod (Dark Bridge):

alt text


I could live with or without, not bad.

Would be cool to see the Musashi blades from the old PSO cover art make a comeback as well. or just some really cool new designs.

As I finished typing that my PSO memory kicked in like a roundhouse kick to the head. That's totally Olga's weapon. alt text

It's a pretty iconic weapon. I'd love to see it alongside other PSO1 weapons.