Pets plus value maxed but level not maxed

Hello! So on my summoner I have a lot of pets. I have been leveling my vulcan up with 9* eggs in hopes of maxing his tech power/dex/hp out. I am getting a message "Vulcan pets value has reached its maximum and won't increase - are you sure you want to proceed with egg synthesis". This pet is only level 113 and it caps at level 130 I think. Does this just mean that it's done leveling and won't get any better?


That message is just talking about the extra stats that you can get from feeding; if any of them have reached their max (each Pet has different thresholds for different stats), then the number will appear red instead of orange during feeding and you will see that message.

@AndrlCh Ok, thanks! - But will leveling it to 130 make it better (more powerful)?

@FRZA45 In the sense that your Pet will have higher stats, yes, it will be stronger.